Today I turn 50

It’s been an easy going day. My company has volunteer day today so there were no meetings. I decided since it’s my birthday it’s reasonable to take most of the day off work. (Plus, there were no open volunteer projects that involved getting away from a computer.) So I got to knock a few things off my work To Do list while still enjoying some relax time.

One of today’s highlights: my mom called me and sang Happy Birthday. I was shocked and surprised that she would even remember my birthday. With her dementia advancing, most of the time she can’t even remember what she had for lunch or when we last talked, but golly she remembered my birthday. 🙂

Sister asked me what I’d like to do for my birthday and I requested that we pack a picnic and head to the little park along the river for a concert. Tonight is the first of a series of free musical performances in downtown Napa and the main band is a local favorite for good reason.

Other updates:

  • I’ve been getting pelvic floor physical therapy. It’s been helping me feel more comfortable about getting appropriate exercise that will help me build my strength back and lose weight without feeling like I’m injuring myself. It was also a relief to have someone in the medical field acknowledge that I did, indeed, have some real basis for the pain and discomfort I had been feeling when doing certain exercises.
  • A friend came to visit me from Chicago and we had a blast together for a week. There are so many amazing things to do within an hour or two of here. I really love living here.
  • There’s been knitting progress. I finished the knitting on another sweater for myself, but there are some fiddly finishing things I need to do, so I can’t consider it entirely done yet. I’ll get to it eventually. In the meantime I started a new cowl knit with linen yarn.
  • I’ve also done a lot of reading, including not just fiction but some good non-fiction. I’m currently about halfway through Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. I’m highlighting many passages in this book, and plan to share a short post about it on our company internal social media network. My boss keeps prompting me to talk with leaders regularly and this has been making me anxious. Like most companies, leadership is very extroverted. Interacting with them wipes me out, but I have to figure out how to meet the expectation that I do this regularly. I’m studying the situation like a good introvert.

I’ve been getting lots of birthday wishes on Facebook, but despite a direct ask for birthday greetings on Twitter only one person has responded. Maybe it’s because yesterday was such a busy news day.


12 thoughts on “Today I turn 50

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    • Thank you! I just finished it today. It needs to go back to the library soon, but I was pleased to find that Kindle allows me email all my highlights and notes to myself. I never knew that! I still think I may need to buy a copy to keep on hand because there are so many good nuggets in there.


  2. A very happy birthday to you, and many more! Your post is so upbeat, I was happy to read it. I’m so glad you had a good time with your friend from Chicago. Of course you love living there, it’s awesome! So sweet that your mom remembered your birthday, too. I hope things with her are going as smoothly as they can with such a tough situation.


  3. Joyous natal day! A picnic *and* a concert sound like a great combo.

    Your 50th sounds a lot more fun than mine was: I was working toward a university degree, writing three times a week for MSN Money and, on the 50th, dealing with a flood in the apartment building I managed (after a “hundred-years storm” overloaded the sewers and they started gushing water OUT instead of taking it in).

    It was a pretty tough day. But on the bright side, I got a Smart Spending column out of it.


  4. Eeek I can’t remember if I saw that on Twitter – if not, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! You’re the day after my mum, actually. So glad yours had a good day on your birthday, what a nice little surprise.

    I also just finished Quiet and really enjoyed it 🙂


  5. 50. My husband turned 50 last year. It seems like such a big milestone but it snuck up on us and 50 is really the new 40. As a long time reader, it sounds like you have done all the things you have dreamed of out like moving to California and are doing everything you can to get healthy again.

    I wish I could control my food portions better (which is 90% of my weight problem). Still haven’t figured out how to scale that back again. On paper it seems so easy, just eat 1 less Slice of veggie pizza. don’t go for seconds. In reality. So hard. But at least my activity level is up which does at least help my energy levels a lot.

    As a former introvert working for a company who only hires type A personalities, I will tell you that the more public speaking you do, the easier it gets. I am now one of the more vocal members of my team. Preparation is key. The more comfortable you are with the content, the easier it is to talk about it.

    Happy belated birthday.


  6. Goodness, I totally missed this, I can’t remember if I spotted your birthday tweet – it’s all a haze right now. But HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! So glad you had a great visit with your friend from Chicago and I hope the picnic went ok? (I always have doubts when it’s your sister, I remember what you’ve shared in the past about that relationship)


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