What I’ve been doing on my summer vacation…

  • Cleaning up the house. (General de-cluttering and seasonal laundry like washing the slipcovers on the living room furniture and the winter bedding).
  • Taking the pets to the vet for shots and check ups. (Way overdue, but now completed).
  • Picking, processing, and freezing beans from the garden.
  • Picking and freezing tomatoes from the garden.
  • Picking and eating raspberries from the garden. (Sensing a theme here?)

I haven’t really been taking a summer vacation, but I have taken a day off of work here and there for personal business that really needs to be addressed. Still on my list:

  • Taking the car in for routine service.
  • Cleaning up my mail pile. (You don’t want to see the pile of mail that I’ve accumulated over the past 2 months. It is an out of control mix of junk, magazines, catalogs, and bills. I’ve been pulling out the bills so I can pay them on time, but leaving the rest to accumulate. Except for the knitting magazines and yarn catalogs, of course. I know how to prioritize.)

On my days off I’ve been avoiding the computer. I know that my blog has been languishing, but I’ve just had too much to do around the house. On the days I’ve worked, I’ve been putting in long hours or very intense days, and I usually feel like unwinding away from the computer. So, when I take a break, I knit.

I’ve finished up a project that shall remain nameless for now. (It’s a gift for a family member that may read this blog, so I’d rather not reveal it yet.) I’ve also started some socks for Mark (my commuting project), a shawl pattern I am test knitting for a fellow Windy City Knitting Guild member, and an easy hooded scarf pattern in preparation for the winter.

Yep, there’s a lot keeping me busy right now, but there will be more to come in the days ahead.