No news is good news

Whoa, the summer is going by fast! I’ve been a little pre-occupied with other things like putting my life back together. So there has been little blogging lately. This is actually a good thing, though.

I have my energy back! Woohoo!!!! I was on the Armour for about 2.5 weeks, then checked in with the doctor. While I was very happy to have my mind back (no more mental fogginess or moodiness), I was still not physically coming around all the way yet. So, we upped by Armour dosage a bit. Wow! Three days later I was hitting my stride again. It feels so incredibly good to be back to normal!

Since my dosage was raised, I’m back to working out with the trainer for a full hour twice a week, and I’m back to biking as much as possible. Last Saturday I rode a total of 15 miles with no problems. Yes, I was a litte sore and getting a bit of “bike butt” by the last couple miles, but I could do it without falling to the curb.

Now that my energy is coming back, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do. I have both work and home stuff that I’ve been putting off for far too long. For now, work gets most of my attention. This will be a busy month for me as we have two big meetings requiring presentations. I’m a bit nervous to be presenting in front of a bunch of partners in about two weeks, but at least I will be able to think straight and be alert!

The “chicklets” (as I’m calling the new chicks) are growing at an amazing rate. They are now 4 weeks old and truly look like miniature chickens now. Those little balls of fluff and nonsense are now nearly middle-school age (in human years) and have become quite the hooligans. I moved them out of the giant tub they were in last week; at 3 weeks old, they had already out-grown it. Luckily, Adrienne came through with a dog exercise pen she had around. So, now I have miniature chickens living in my basement inside a dog pen. I can’t wait to get them outside, but they are still considered too young. They don’t have all of their feathers yet, and so would be susceptible to catching a chill rather easily.

Even though it’s been hot and sticky-humid here most days, it still can get a tad cool at night. And when we don’t have a touch of chill in the air, we can have other issues that make it hard to be a chick outside, such as incredibly violent storms. Last night was a doozy. During the morning yesterday there was a storm that whipped through in an alarming fashion. That was just the beginning. By late afternoon, all *appeared* to be well, but that was deceiving. No, that was just a short interlude of calm.

Just before 7 PM it started to cloud up a bit more. By 7:30, it was raining lightly, and by 8 PM it was raging. I was at a cafe at that time meeting another knitter for a first-attempt at a Jefferson Park Stitch n’ Bitch group. We marveled at the strength of the storm: the fantastic lightening, the throbbing thunder, and the waves of rain being blown at what looked like hurricane force blasts of wind. Then the power went out. We sat for another 30 minutes in camraderie with the handful of other cafe patrons, enjoying the fact that we were safe and dry inside. Then we left and I gladly accepted a ride home. (I had been planning to ride my trusty bike, but with rain threatening I decided to take the bus instead. It was nice to get a ride home considering how crappy the weather was!)

The storming abated for another couple hours and then came back at about 11:30 PM. I was trying to sleep by then, but had to give up on it. The wind gusts and rain were much too heavy and loud, and I couldn’t help but wonder how my poor hens were doing in their little Eglu. I’m not sure what time I finally got to sleep, but it was much later than I preferred.

But this morning, the hens were just a perky as ever, croaking away to get out into the larger run. Riding home on the train today I spotted lots of rather large tree limbs down here and there, but surprisingly little damage otherwise. So, as annoying as it may be to have young birds in my basement, at least I know they’re safe and sound inside.