Tax day!

It’s Tax Day and I feel compelled to make a “public” statement relating to this auspicious day. There are “tea party” rallies all over today (including one here in Chicago), and I’ve seen general newsy bits about people’s disatisfaction with taxes.

So for the record: I do NOT feel like I pay too much in federal taxes.

My federal tax dollars fund departments and programs that make sure my food, water, and air quality meet some standards of decency. They fund public transit, highways, and safe aviation. They provide education and health care to millions of people, including my nephew and my mother. They fund research that promotes better standards of living.  And I know they pay for much, much more than I can even think to list here.

Do I always agree with the way my federal dollars are spent? No. But nothing’s perfect in life and I can always tell my elected officials my opinion about the federal budget, or even join a group or create my own group (Champagne Punch party, anyone?) to appeal to my elected officials on my behalf.

So, stop whining about paying too much in federal taxes.

Now, if all the talk was about the outrageous City and County taxes I pay(10.25% on every purchase but magazines and newspapers!!!)…well, that’s a different story.