So pretty

We had two glorious days in Big Sur. Yes, I made the drive and didn’t totally break down or kill us (obviously). Driving down to the Big Sur Lodge was pretty difficult for me. When we got to the room, I had to lay down for an hour even though it was only the middle of the afternoon. That night, I crashed at about 8 PM and slept straight through until 7 AM the next morning. All that anxiety around the drive really sucked up a lot of my energy.

But, I did get used to the drive and get a bit better. On our return drive back up north, I barely had a twinge as we approached Bixby Bridge, whereas on the drive down I nearly hyperventilated when I saw it.

Mark took many photos with his much better camera, but I have to wait until we get home to upload them since he forgot to bring his transfer cable.

We went to Esalen on Sunday for massages and a dip in the baths. The natural hot-spring baths are right on the edge of the cliffs, and the view is truly stunning. Massages are given in the same place, and it was an incredible experience to be listening to the surf below you, feel the sea winds, and have such incredible body work at the same time. It also leads to a bit of interesting mind tricks to get totally naked with a bunch of strangers and share a hot tub. But that’s another story…Will I sound like a total granola crunching idiot if I say that Esalen was a spiritual experience for me?

Today is our last full day, and we’re going off to the Monterey Bay Acquarium and Cannery Row.

Santa Cruz’in

Today we were here

Santa Cruz Wharf in the rain

Santa Cruz Wharf on a grey, rainy morning.

And we saw this

Sea lions bunking under the Santa Cruz Wharf Sea lions “bunking” under the wharf.

I was totally delighted by the sea lions under the wharf. I think Mark was pretty bored by it after a few minutes, but I walked around the pier listening for their “barks” and peeking at them.

We also visited a winery tasting room in Felton and got lost trying to get to Bonny Doon winery. Mark’s mobile phone signal died, and with it the GPS directions/locator. We were on a little twisty road in a mountain pass in the middle of the redwoods. I guess it would have been pretty cool if I weren’t a bit freaked out by the smallness of the road and the fact that we were hugging a mountain. Good practice for Big Sur, which I will attempt to drive to tomorrow.

From the left coast

A quick entry from San Jose, California where I’ve been attending a conference for last week. Some things that I’ve been exposed to this week so far…

– Jeffrey Veen (Google)
– David Weinberger
– David Snowden
– The word “innovation” in many different sessions and contexts
– Red bean smoothies with tapioca pearls

Mark is flying in tonight and we’re heading to the coast. We’ll start out in Santa Cruz then head on to Big Sur. I’m excited and scared that I’ll be driving along Highway 1, perched above the rugged Pacific coast line and hugging a mountain. I hope my fear of plunging to my death from a great height doesn’t cause my hands to tremble so much on the steering wheel that the fear becomes a reality.

If we survive the drive to Big Sur, we’ll stay there for a few days before heading back up to Monterrey, and then back home. I’m also hoping the weather holds out, because it is getting cloudy here and there is a chance of rain almost every day. I don’t want to be slogging through a downpour while hiking around Big Sur.

Geez, I sure can find lots to worry about, can’t I?

I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging, but as I get Internet access I will be uploading photos to my Flickr account.

Now, on to lunch and final sessions of the conference!