Drive By Blogging

Some quick, odds and ends updates.

  • Yesterday I had to call the complimentary road side assistance number to get my car started. I guess the other day when I went out to check on the mileage so I could blog about the car, I must have not turned the car off properly and that drained the battery; not the hybrid battery, just the 12V one that powers accessories and so forth. The car was still in the garage and I got the car started in plenty of time to run the only time sensitive errand I had (picking up a friend from the hospital). I have no idea what I did wrong to drain the battery, but at least I can say the road side assistance offered as part of the Toyota certified program was very prompt and helpful. The guy liked my chickens and was actually quite envious of my little rooster.
  • Speaking of the chickens, the winter decline in egg laying has started. Yesterday B told me we got two eggs, and the day before that it was only one. I should hopefully still get half a dozen eggs a week since there are five hens, but there are no guarantees.
  • The chickens are also molting, so they are looking rather ragged. At least they aren’t looking as bad as this chicken. Yes, that’s a real, non-Photoshopped image of a chicken going through a horrific molt. You can see more of little Kung Fu Henny in this post, and some updated lyrics praising her bravery here.
  • “Little roo” (a.k.a. Rory the rooster) is very cantankerous whenever we open up the coop to let the chickens out for their afternoon stroll. He apparently thinks we are after his ladies. I guess it’s understandable since in the past few months I’ve temporarily removed a hen or two about four times so they could be taken to various chicken-promotion venues, chicken-keeping classes, the vet, etc. I hope he calms down a bit since we are tired of him acting like an asshole and flogging our legs.
  • I’ve lost weight over the past few months. Yay! I have no idea how much weight since I don’t have a scale at home and rarely weigh myself at the gym. I know I’ve lost weight, though, since my clothes are much more loose, I had to buy new bras in a smaller size, and I was able to fit into some suits that I haven’t been able to wear in at least a year. 🙂 I’ll probably write more about this in another post since there are a lot of points I could expand upon.
  • I spent nearly $900 last month getting my heat to work properly. I made a stupid mistake letting the handy man move a pipe that is part of the radiant heat system for the first floor of the house. It took four visits by the heating service to properly identify the problem and fix it since there were so many variables in play. The heat works really well now, though, and I’ve learned another valuable lesson about boilers and radiant heat. Too bad these lessons usually result in me spending a lot of money.


When it comes to my health and fitness, I’ve made a lot of changes over the past several months, and I’m pleased to see them finally paying off. I reached a big milestone late last week: I was able to wear a suit that I couldn’t put on for about a year. Woot!!

I started getting dressed that morning by putting on the pants to a suit that bought just last July in a concession to the fact that I just *had to* have at least one decent suit to wear to work when the occasion called for it. I put the pants to the suit on, and then realized they were very baggy on me. So, I decided to take the plunge and try on the pants to one of my suits that I’ve been forced to just look at for many, many months. They fit. And I mean it wasn’t just that I could squeeze into them, I mean they really fit the way they are supposed to. Woot!!

When I got home that night, inspired by the success of working a full day wearing smaller pants that hadn’t once seemed too binding or uncomfortable, I put on a pair of jeans that had seemed a bit too tight a couple months ago, and was happy that they fit comfortably. The nice work pants I typically wear are looser on me, too. And just in time as I often have to wear another layer under my pants now due to the onset of winter. A pair cotton or wool tights do add a little extra bulk, you now.

I’ve made so many changes that it’s hard to point to just one that has made the difference. So maybe it’s the combination of them all. What have I been doing?

Taking my 1/2 grain of Armour thyroid every day. I had my thyroid levels checked just a few weeks ago and my TSH is now down to .8. That would seem to be on the low end, but it’s working for me. Interestingly, my free T3 and free T4 have hardly changed.

Exercising more. I had been working with the trainer 2 days a week only. About a month ago, I started adding another day to my gym schedule just to do cardio on my own. I work out one hour on either the elliptical, treadmill, or recumbant bike. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been working with the trainer only one day, and then following a program he gives me on my own later in the week. So, I’m working out 3 times a week with cardio and strength training. I’d like to add another day of just cardio or yoga, but I have to figure out how to work this into my schedule first.

Taking my supplements every day. I’m not certain if this is contributing to the weight loss or not, but I’m sticking to it. The doctor ordered me to take 2000 units of Vitamin D a day, but I’m taking more like 3000 units when I add up what is in all of my daily supplements: Vitamin D (2000 units), multi-vitamin/mineral tablet (400 units vit D), cod liver oil capsule (10o+ units vit D, plus omega-3s), calcium (plus 400 units vit D), B complex. And, I’m continuing my weekly 1000 units of B-12 via IM ingection.

Eating differently, including eating less. This one is complex to explain. First, I stopped eating cow dairy as recommended by the doctor based on the food sensitivity tests. Over the past 2 months, I only “fell off the wagon” once when I had some dessert on Thanksgiving day that was made with milk and cream. [Days 3 and 4 after that I suffered from extreme fatigue….hmmm…think this is a cause and effect situation?] So, to ensure that I do not consume ANY cow dairy inadvertantly (remember that casein and whey, both cow dairy by-products, are potential ingredients in processed or restaurant food) I have been eating food made by my own hands 90% of the time. I have eaten out about a once a week, but I ask about/review ingredients very carefully.

I’ve cut down on portion sizes, too. Whereas I would eat the full meal in a restaurant in the past, I typically eat about half of it now and take the rest home for later.

Snacking happens much less frequently, too. I do have  a snack occasionally, but I’m careful to keep it small and controlled in size.

That’s it.

Yes, there is hard work involved here. I have to schedule in time at the gym and sweat through the workouts (ewwww! I hate to sweat!), as well as schedule in time for meal prep. But I’m feeling and looking so much better now.

And I’m going to keep this up because there are still more lovely suits in my closet that are even smaller sized that I’d like to wear. As well as more jeans, dresses, blouses, and etc. (Thank goodness there is *lots* of closet space in this house!)

Hooray, hooray, hooray!