The wait is over

Not writing for so long means there are many, many things to catch up on. I wasn’t idle over the summer, just not inclined to write. And since this is my hobby blog, I don’t have to write if I don’t want to. 😉

The first big news is that I accepted a really good job offer and start December 3. Yay! I’ll be working in the same industry and same field, but the new company is smaller than the place I used to work. The people are welcoming and friendly, the culture just felt like a good fit right away.

All of this activity started after the Labor Day holiday, just as the transition coach said it would. I had been feeling really low just before that point since I wasn’t getting any affirmative responses to the jobs I had been applying for.

One of the positive things I did to kick-start the action was to start a new group of professionals in my field in the greater Bay Area. I had been looking for opportunities to network but not finding any. I had one local contact in my field that I met with face-to-face to discuss the situation and he suggested I start a group. So I did. There were several people interested, and we were able to pull together a meeting in a very short time. We’ll be holding our third meeting next week.

The transition coach encouraged me that this was a good step, and indeed it was. Things started happening after that. I started getting screening calls for some of the jobs I’d applied for, which turned into phone interviews. At one point I was looking at the possibility of having to decide between three different jobs in very different industries. One of the companies decided to put the position on hold, and the other two asked me to schedule in person interviews. Those were long, intense days, but I felt very comfortable being myself and in my knowledge of my field. In the end, I declined to pursue one of the jobs and accepted the offer of the other.

An important personal lesson I learned from this experience is to keep my network active. I’m glad to now have a group of local colleagues with whom I can talk about challenges and successes, and keeping this group going is something I look forward to doing.

Several months ago, I talked with a friend who is a natural coach about my career. She suggested I write down what I was looking for, and to focus on that description so I could make it happen. Everything I wrote down was manifested in this new job: the salary, the commute, the benefits, and the work atmosphere. I’ve been a skeptic about this manifesting stuff, but it worked for me this time.