Look, I’m writing!

I’ve had a long hiatus from this blog because writing was just so low on my priority list. Since I last wrote, I’ve had all sorts of changes in life, yet making time to write about them wasn’t something I wanted to do.

I actually did start to write a few posts, but then ran out of time to finish them and just never wanted to make time later. This entry is going to be just a ice-breaker of sorts. Today I’m resuming another activity that had been on hold for much too long (volunteer escort at a women’s health clinic), and to make sure I don’t run of out time and abandon this attempt to get back into writing I will make the post short.

In late September I had a big change in my household. My boyfriend (hereafter referred to as B for his privacy) moved in and my roommates moved out. It sounds like it happened so neatly, but it didn’t. B was short selling his condo and when the bank finally completed the paperwork after months of waiting, he was given two weeks to move out. The buyer was pushing to have the move date happen even sooner, but B’s lawyer had written that two-week clause into the contract and we were glad that was the case! There was hurried packing and arranging of movers, and since two weeks was not enough time to give my roommates notice, we all squeezed into the house for a couple of weeks while the roommates completed their apartment search and move.

I was sad to have the roommates go. The one guy had become a pretty good friend and was a model roommate/tenant. But it was something that B and I had agreed to when we first discussed him moving in: no other roommates, and he would pay the same amount in rent as they did. Actually when I originally decided to rent out rooms in my house about two years ago I had advertised for just one roommate, so I’m pretty much where I had wanted to be back then.

In the past few months I’ve also done quite a bit of traveling by car. In late October B and I had a long weekend driving trip to Asheville, North Carolina to attend Moogfest, and then the week following Thanksgiving I helped a friend drive out to Santa Clara, California. We had a memorable road trip, but the purpose behind it — relocating her out there permanently — was quite sad for me. She was one of my closest friends and now she’s no longer a short bike ride away.

November seemed to be a month of losses and disappointments. In that one month time span I had been rejected for all of the following:

  • adopting another dog
  • refinancing my mortgage
  • long-term disability insurance
  • getting rid of the escrow requirement on my current mortgage

Some of these seem small, but their cumulative effect made me feel quite low.

Once I returned from California, December was all about prepping for the holidays and getting the final gifts made. And now we’re into January and a new year. Phew!

I could — and likely will — write so much more about all the events mentioned above, but I have to stop now. Time is up, and I need to roll out of the house in a few minutes. Happy new year to all! Let’s hope 2012 is more prosperous and kind to us.