Debauched, awarded, and floating away

I’m a bit cocktailed up right now. I’ve been in this martini mood lately, even though gin usually makes me ill and vodka is a close second. But I’ve found that I can drink certain vodkas and will occasionally get in the mood for a vodka martini. With 3 jalapeno-stuffed olives.

So here I sit with my second (and last, since that was it for the bottle of Kettle One) martini (a bit too “wet” as I over-shot the mark on the vermouth this time), my laptop, and my iPod playing Death Cab for Cutie through the living room stereo. Is that an intriguing visual for you?

I’m not trying to make myself seem maudlin or pathetic, it’s just a sort of icky day and I can get a bit tipsy in my own house if I want to. That’s a privelage of being an adult.

Neverless, I realize I am being a bit debauched on this Saturday afernoon. So, it’s sort of surpising to me to note that I have a blog award. Yep, I’m awarded.

I love your blog awared

I love your blog awared

Adrienne of Knit and Run bestowed it on me. And I know this is a good thing, however I’m stumped as to how to pay this forward. These type of things are perceived by me as being a few steps away from a chain letter. And I never forward those on, despite the promises that they will make me sprout horns or fall into a barrel of used kitty litter or some other horrible fate if I don’t.

I squirm when these things happen to me because I just can’t think of a way to continue them. I’m supposed to do the following:


  1. Post the award on my blog. (completed)
  2. Add a link to the person who gave you the award. (completed)
  3. Nominate at least 4 others.
  4. Leave a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.

It’s on the last two that I fall apart. I don’t read a lot of blogs. I read just a few, and many on that list are massively read blogs (like Yarn Harlot). I’ve always felt like I simply can’t send on something like this to those blogs because the whole sentiment would be lost. But, what the heck, I’ll do it. ‘Cause having a couple big martinis whilst lounging at home can make one feel pretty bold. So here goes…I nominate:

  • Knitting Curmudgeon. Mar will be so freakin’ pleased and will have no problem taking me to task if my pathetic gesture of admiration fails. She’s a true “tell it like it is” woman and I admire that.
  • Crazy Aunt Purl. I like Laurie’s sense of the absurd and her sense of humor.

And that’s it! Yeah, I know that’s only two blogs, but I just can’t do more than that. Really, you’ll have to give me a pass on this, OK?

After all, we woke up this morning to a heavy rain that apparently had been falling quite steadily for some time. We had a bit of a puddle in the basement, formed by water seeping in from one side of the basement wall. After spending some amount of time mopping/sucking this up, and thereby messing up my appointments for this Saturday morning, we set out to do a few routine errands: purchase dog food and cat litter; visit a store to peruse window coverings (since the dogs and cat had ruined the $$ window coverings in our living already); and, have a bit of breakfast. Instead, we found ourselves stuck in the beginnings of a traffic vortex formed by flooded expressways, highway underpasses, and streets in general. We quickly backtracked and re-adjusted our plans for the weekend.

Chicago has been stuck under a big, wet, storm system for nearly 24 hours now and it will just continue on as the remnants of Hurricane Ike hit our area tomorrow. So, we are prepared for a bit of home-steading: we rented a few DVDs, and we bought a few supplies at the store (coffee and fresh meats). Now, we’re getting ready to get started on having a wild night of DVD watching and hard-drinking. Yeah, I’m sure Noah did the same thing on his ark.

2 thoughts on “Debauched, awarded, and floating away

  1. I’ve watched all the movies, and one was a Bollywood one – that took three hours – and it’s still raining . . . I’ve started on Season 3 of Stargate SG1 . . . :-S


  2. I was just checking out your chicken pics on flickr. I Noticed you had a heater in your eglu. I was just wondering if it worked for you and where you got it. I’m a little worried about my girls spending the winter outside.


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