Productive and the reverse

Is the opposite of productivity non-productivity? It doesn’t really roll off the tongue. I mean, saying “What a non-productive [fill in the blank…day, meeting, etc.]” is something that sounds sensible, but I haven’t heard lack of productivity referred to as non-productivity; I guess it’s just “lack of productivity.”

Anyway, I’ve been staggering back and forth between these extremes lately, so it seems. First, I’ll tackle the virtuous, productive stuff. I have single-handedly accomplished leaf relocation this year. Well, technically there is still a pile on the patio to be strategically piled on the garden beds, but the leaves on the lawn, driveway, and in the gangway have been cleared up. In the past I was usually able to cajole Mark into helping me, but this year I was on my own. And I did it. Hooray for me!

I’ve accomplished the major garden winterizing tasks, too. I left the broccoli plants in the beds because they are still producing shoots, flowers and leaves. It was amazing to see how the bees were all over the broccoli flowers a few weeks ago. I guess that’s because there was nothing else flowering and they were trying to gather up the last bits of pollen and nectar for their own purposes. I haven’t really been eating the broccoli shoots myself, but the chickens love the leaves and the flowers. This late in the year it’s great to have something green to give them from the garden.

Other than the broccoli bed, though, the rest of the beds are cleared and covered in leaves. I even found time to (finally!) plant the garlic last weekend.

In addition to the broccoli plants, there are some edibles coming out of the garden. I have mint and parsley, which make lovely fresh teas and/or additions to cooking and salads. (My favorite legume, chick peas, dressed with a little lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and then tossed with some chopped parsley and cubed sheep’s milk feta is a YUMMY salad.) And the chickens are back to laying fairly regularly. I get an egg every couple days, and sometimes 2 eggs. This is the best that can be expected when the days are so short and they’re molting.

Let’s see, what else am I doing that’s productive? Oh, I have been exploring meditation, but I should write a special post about that since it’s been an interesting journey. I’ve gotten my gym schedule back in place: 3 days a week or 4 if I can fit it in.

Despite all this busy work accomplished, I had been feeling lost and rudderless at work, and generally a bit blue. The lack of productivity at work was making me feel guilty, and I was just not sure what to do. Then, in just a few days it all started to turn around.

The chemistry of our bodies is such an interesting and strange phenomenon to figure out at times. And it appears that at least part of what I was experiencing was due to non-optimal thyroid meds.

Since late August I’ve been forced to play with my meds quite a bit. I started to experience the recurrence of some symptoms that I know were due to poor thyroid levels. My joints were started to ache a bit more and I was starting to feel more easily fatigued. I talked to the doctor and we adjusted my meds a bit. Unfortunately, I immediately ran smack dab into the fact that most dosages of Armour Thyroid (the brand of natural, dessicated thyroid or NDT I was taking) was hard to get a hold of. (No one is exactly sure of what the hell has been going on with the company that makes it, and they’re not saying.) I started on the new dosage with the Armour I had on hand, but that was running out quickly.

My only choice seemed to be to switch to a comparable product called Westhroid made by another company. I started on the Westhroid in early September and continued to take it through late October, at which point I had to make a decision about whether I should ask my pharmacy to special order it for me again, or move to another option.

At the time I started the Westhroid, the nurse at my doctor’s office suggested I just *may* consider changing to a compounding pharmacy to have my meds made up for me. I was starting to suspect that the Westhroid wasn’t the best option for me and so I called the nurse to get a compounding pharmacy recommendation and give it a try.

Even though I had about a month’s worth of Westhroid left I started taking the compounded NDT shortly after it arrived at my house via the mail. Being on it a few days was all the convincing I need that this was the right decision for me and that the Westhroid definitely was not an optimal med for me.

My energy levels are back up again, my mood is much improved, and I even have adequate enthusiasm for work again. I still have some work to do in figuring out how to make my job more engaging for me, but I no longer feel like just a blob occupying a chair anymore. I have interest and a willingness to action things again. And my improved mood is helping me not just at work, but throughout my life.

A couple years ago when I first started having issues with my body’s use of thyroid I learned that I really needed to pay attention to what my body is telling me. And this latest experience seals the deal.