Blessed solitude

I used to live alone and did very well on my own. In my single years, I did live with a boyfriend or two (or three, to be exact), but that wasn’t the same as having a roommate. Those were more like auditions. (And they served their purpose very well.)

I’m looking forward to being on my own again, and it looks like that *may* happen by the end of this month. We have an agreement now. It’s a verbal agreement that has been communicated to the lawyers, and which they seem to understand, but it is not yet written up and signed off. Nonetheless, it also includes the stipulation that Mark move out at the end of January.

This weekend, Mark has been away more than in the past, too, which allows me to enjoy the house alone and in peace. It’s nice having the place to myself. I talk to the dogs, sing out loud as badly as I want, and look around the place for things to change up. I’m not sure yet what furniture will be going with Mark, so my plans for re-arranging the living room are not very solid. It’s still fun to think of them, though.

I’ve also been making steps towards my own personal goals. I had my first riding lesson last Friday. Thank goodness for indoor arenas, since the temps were still brutally cold outside. I mounted Moose (a lovely, calm gelding…and let’s leave off all the potentially racy remarks that can be made here so this blog can remain “family friendly”) and started out with a walk. I took corrections of my posture and positioning of the reins well, and moved on to a posting trot pretty quickly. I learned that I was spot on with my diagonals (and learned what those were, as I don’t recall that term coming up when I last took instruction in English riding), and the instructor pronounced my efforts “very good” when all was over. I have another lesson scheduled for next Friday and the instructor didn’t think me delusional at all when I told her I’d like to be ready to ride for a week in Iceland at the end of summer.

On Saturday morning I woke up expecting to be sore, but I was surprised by where I felt the soreness. My legs were fine, but my upper back and shoulders were feeling like they needed a rub down. I made sure to do my upper body exercises as the gym on Saturday in additon to cardio, as it was obvious I needed them. Tomorrow I go for my monthly therapeutic massage, so I’m sure that will help.

Tonight I’m enjoying the time alone with a cocktail, some fine cheese (Moonglow goat’s milk base from a small vendor at the Green City Market), and the second season of The Tudors. (I’m a sucker for costume dramas!) And every once in a while, I pause everything to enjoy the quiet sounds of the house around me. Ahhhhhh.