When a website has good content and consequently people want to spend more time on it, the site is referred to as “sticky.” I wouldn’t go so far as to call this blog sticky, but I am going to write about sticky things tonight.

I’ll start out on a light note.  I made this kettle corn recipe tonight and discovered that I really need to improve my popcorn making skills. When I was a kid, if we wanted popcorn we used a pan, oil, and some loose popcorn. Jiffy Pop was available, but my family was too cheap to buy it. Then the hot air popper came on the market, and shortly after that came microwave popcorn. Despite being cheap, my family did get an air popper and a microwave, and the old style of making popcorn stopped.

The main skill I’m lacking is the ability to judge when the oil is hot enough to add the popcorn. I think I put the popcorn kernels and sugar in the pan too soon, resulting in nearly burnt sugar by the time the popcorn was popped. I still ate the popcorn, though. Not wasting food was one of those frugal things I learned from my family. Besides, it wasn’t that bad. The sugar had just carmelized to the point of being nearly (but not quite) bitter, that’s all.

My writing was interrupted so I now have to deal with the sticky problem of re-writing much of my post. For whatever reason, WordPress didn’t autosave my draft so I’ve lost most of it. 😦

The stickiest situation is B. We spend weekends together and then it’s hard to adjust back to being alone during the week. I teeter-totter between being just fine by myself for several days to being lonely. The fun and pleasure of being with him falls in between. So I guess being with B is sticky: the more time I spend with him, the more I want.