Dystopian imaginings

I can’t avoid the news forever, so I’m occasionally reading some of the summaries and articles about the president-elect and the cabinet appointments he’s making. These are truly dark times (and I’m not just talking about the return to Standard Time and shortening day length).

As bad as it may seem to have Trump as president-elect, I’m actually more worried that the only option would be to replace him with Pence. Unless these seemingly cockamamie claims that the Russians hacked the election are true and audited results change the election outcome, if Trump is found unfit to serve as president we’ll get Pence as our POTUS. Trump may be a buffoon and a profiteer, but Pence is a scary, scary guy.

The litany of strong social conservative positions he’s championed or made law in Indiana is long. He believes in conversion therapy for LGBTQ people, and is vehemently anti-choice. This is the guy who inspired the Periods for Pence (now Periods for Pols) social media group and inspired Indiana women to call his office and report on their menstrual periods.

I have high school friends in Indiana who have first hand experience with living in a state run by this guy. One friend is the mother of a transgender young adult. She’s angry and scared that her child will suffer under a Trump/Pence administration.

Trump is already showing signs of being unlikely to rise to the demands of being POTUS. The crazy conspiracy theory part of my brain is thinking that maybe this was always the plan of the Republicans: use Trump to win the election since he’s able to appeal to the masses, then replace him with Pence as the real president. We truly have a situation of bad to worse here even if there are no grand schemes in play.

3 thoughts on “Dystopian imaginings

  1. You always know what I am thinking! The idea of Pence as POTUS wakes me up at night even more than the reality of Trump. He is narrow-minded and dangerous.

    I love hearing all the different “conspiracy theories” about our Orange Buffoon in Chief. I think my favorite is that The Donald never really wanted to be President, and was just campaigning for the thrill of it. And now he is pooping bricks at the thought. I hope this one is true!


    • I think it’s true that he never wanted to do the actual work involved with being POTUS. He relished the competitive aspect of the election and the ego boost it gave him to be in front of the adoring crowds.


  2. Pence is even more dangerous than Trump, and that’s goin’ some. On the other hand, my fear is that he will be the de facto president, since Trump knows exactly zero about politics or about running any part of a government, to say nothing of the whole shebang.

    Sad and scary times…


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