Home sweet home

The electrician left yesterday. Finally. This re-wire job had turned out to more than either of us bargained for. But isn’t that often the case with home projects? I hadn’t planned to be living in the house until he was done, but instead was moved on the 27th and had him work around me.

My project list for this house is surprisingly small compared to my last house. The roof was replaced two years ago and is in fine shape. Electrical was just replaced, although I may want to make a few more changes to it at some point. (Mainly splitting some outlets in the kitchen onto separate circuits, adding under cabinet lighting, and adding an outlet or two here and there.) Windows, doors, bathroom, kitchen, and floors were all recently replaced/updated/refinished. Appliances are recent and seem OK. Plumbing seems to be in good order, although I think the water pressure could be a little better. I may ask the plumber about that and see what she suggests.

The only infrastructure type project that needs attention is the landscaping and trees. I have several trees on this property, and a few of the mature ones are in need of serious pruning and help. I’m going to ask a friend who has a landscaping business to look at them and give me her opinion of whether I need to consult an arborist. I may also pay her to put together a landscaping plan. My front yard is a slab of lawn, and I really don’t care to water such useless vegetation. I doubt I could afford to actually put in new landscaping this year, but it would be good to get a plan together, nonetheless.

I think furnishings are going to be my next big expense. Window treatments are a must. I’ve put up tension rods with sheers in the living room, but am eager to get some real curtains in place so I feel less like an object on display at night. I’m awaiting the delivery of the curtain rods today, and hope to have the new handyman hang them tomorrow. I put up rods and black out drapes in my bedroom the weekend before I moved in, but I had to do more research into how to best cover the living room windows since the windows wrap around a corner.

I have enough furniture to live, but my bedroom is mostly empty. I had a small dresser that I’ve placed in the closet (just as I did in the rental house), but that’s all I’ve put in place. In the rental I also had a set of shelves in my bedroom, but I’m thinking I won’t set them up here. That means my large (12′ x 14′) room contains only my queen-sized bed and a nightstand right now. I can furnish it slowly as my budget allows.

I’m thinking of fully furnishing the second bedroom. That would attract housemates that are mainly trying to rent month by month for shorter periods of time, but that could work OK. (Harvest interns, families with visiting relatives, and traveling nurses don’t need year-round housing). For now, I’m not rushing into anything. As I thought about the housemate situation, I realized that it’s best to wait until after I have my colon surgery and have recovered sufficiently before taking on someone. Sister will travel here to be with me during the week after surgery, and I’d like her to have her own bedroom.

There are many consignment, thrift shops, and re-selling Facebook groups from which I can source the furniture and rugs I need or want. I think furnishing the house is going to be my next big budget item and project. What a fun one!


3 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. Congratulations on getting into the house! That is so exciting. Wise idea, though, to put off the rooommate venture until after the surgery.

    Hey, keep an eye on local estate sells as well as consignment & thrift stores. You have to get there as dawn cracks, because you’re competing with the owners of said stores…but what a bonanza! I’ve gotten some of the best stuff at estate sales.

    In these parts, and probably in yours, there’s an estate sale network that will email you weekly notices of coming sales, often with photos. Try the estate sales.net website: https://www.estatesales.net/

    Their notices are useful. But I also got on a local one that’s even better, by signing up at a sale given by one of the better estate-sale entrepreneurs around here.

    What is water-conserving landscaping like in your parts? It’s not like xeric landscaping in AZ is it? That is, usually gravel spread over the ground with xeric trees and shrubs stuck here & there? If you don’t have to get a backhoe in to pull up the sod, maybe you can find less pricey ways to shift away from the grass. Ivy or succulents, maybe? Ice plants?

    That said, I found that the investment in xeric landscaping front and back paid for itself in about 18 months. Watering the lawn ran up a bill that was higher than my summertime air conditioning bills — in 110-degree heat!

    Looking forward to hearing more of your Adventures in Homeownership. 🙂

    P.S. WordPress just flat will NOT let me log in as myself: Funny about Money.


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