A very fast update as I get ready to head into San Francisco for an appointment with the glaucoma specialist.

  • I’ll be trying an audiobook I downloaded from the local library today. I’m not convinced I like audiobooks much, but I’m open to it.
  • This is my last week off of work. I’m feeling better, so it makes sense, but I wish I had some time now to do stuff around the house.
  • House hunger is still with me, but not as bad as it was. I’m looking at listings as they pop up and have come to the conclusion that I likely can’t afford this sweet little town. More on that later.
  • It’s a public transit day for me because there are a lot SuperBowl things going on in SF right now. I was going to try to avoid ALL of the mess by taking BART and not going near the ferry building, but I heard that there are some Puppy Bowl things going on this afternoon, so I may just have to go there. Puppies!!!

6 thoughts on “Quickly!

    • Sadly, I did not get to see puppies. It was a ZOO (no pun intended!) there and we (my friend M and I) could not get near enough to the action to see anything. Maybe if I had been able to get there earlier I could have watched by myself, but by the time my doctor appointment was over and I had hoofed it to the Ferry Building it was crazy busy there. 😦 M is quite petite and would not have been able to see anything without a true “ring side” seat, so we reluctantly left the venue and instead treated ourselves to a very good cocktail.


  1. I recommend redshirts for audio– so much depends on the narrator, and Wil Wheaton is a good match for the book. Also if you can get To say nothing of the dog, that one is super fun on audio.

    DH listens to a lot of audio books on chipmunk speed because when it’s not a good match between narrator it goes too slow.


  2. We are banned from talking on the phone while driving now at work (I am in sales and drive a lot) and I have gotten hooked on podcasts. They are in one hour chunks. I enjoy most things done by npr like the Ted radio hour. How things work is another. There are tons of topics. The host does make or break those too. Like blogs, it’s important to have a good mix of content and personal touch. Some could use more time on content and be less radio host random chit chat, but I guess some people like that too.


  3. Sorry you didn’t get the see the puppies. We might’ve tried, but Tim’s pouting that he has to wait til later in the year for a dog. So I try to avoid reminders of them.


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