Happy anniversary to me!

One year ago today I arrived in Napa and began my new life. The day I arrived it was cool and rainy, and it rained off and on for the next several days. No matter, it was better than freezing cold and snow, which I gratefully left behind.

I knew no one when I arrived. My sister had helped me drive from Chicago and introduced me to the one person she knew (the real estate agent who had sold her the house I’m renting). But it was up to me to make new friends and build my community.

Now I have several local friends. I have the network I need to support me when I need to travel (a boarding kennel I trust) or leave the house for a full day or many hours (a dog walker and accommodating neighbor). I have doctors (a primary care physician, a gynecologist, and other specialists) and a dentist.

I’m learning the patterns of the seasons. I’ve discovered when the hottest part of the day occurs and generally when the breeze works its way up the valley during the summer months. (And when to open and close windows to close out the heat or catch the breeze.) I know where the water tends to puddle in the yard during a good, soaking rain. I know when to prune the roses, and what types of pests eat holes in the Meyer Lemon tree leaves. (It’s snails, and I’ve started the counter attack on them now).

There have been several visitors over the course of the year, and I plan to host one more in just a couple weeks. Living in such a beautiful area tends to lead to visitors.

Every day I am thankful that I had the resources and ability to move here. Every single day. 🙂



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