Last day of the month

I had started out November intending to add a blog post every day. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Nothing catastrophic occurred; I just didn’t make the time to write every day. But here it is the end of the month, so I decided to add one more post to round the month out.

I’m getting used to my “new normal” with my eye condition. Basically that means that every day is different, and I just roll with it. Last week I went to the local ophthalmologist for a pressure check and it was very good. I have an appointment with San Francisco doc in the middle of the December, so I was told I don’t have to go back for a while. Since that visit, I’m not sure what the pressure in my eye is currently, but my vision is not very good at all.

There isn’t necessarily a clear cut relationship between those two things since most of my visual problems are based on corneal edema (swelling) caused by the I.C.E. syndrome, so there’s not much that can be done. I add another drop to my regime that may reduce the swelling a bit and make my vision less messed up…or maybe not. These days, it’s mostly been “not.”

The real bummer is that it affects my ability to read. I currently can’t focus well with the right eye, which makes it a challenge to read anything from the library. It’s pretty easy to get a particular book I may want to read in print format from the library, but the selection of e-books isn’t very good. I’d really prefer e-books now because I can blow up the type enough that’s somewhat possible to focus on it through the blurriness. With print I have to mainly use my left eye, which is getting more fatigued than normal.

I’ve also found that I can see pretty well if I keep my area of focus in my right eye towards the inner corner. It just requires me to sort of tilt or hold my head a certain way.

Despite all of this I’m staying positive. I still love my new life and am very happy about my move. I spent Thanksgiving with new friends, and it would have been a perfect weekend if not for buying and eating a bad burrito at the farmers market on Saturday, leading to me spending the balance of the long weekend recovering from food poisoning. So it goes.


3 thoughts on “Last day of the month

  1. Food poisoning?? Terrible 😦

    I really hope the specialists in SF can help improve your vision, though… is that an option or is it just a wait and hope for the best sort of situation?


  2. Sorry to hear about the dearth of good e-books. I assume that means no good audiobooks either?

    As for posting every day, that’s a tall order for anyone. I often have trouble getting a full 3 out each week. For example, at 3:30 p.m., I have no earthly idea what I’m writing about for tomorrow.


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