Amazing travel karma

I’ve been traveling for business this week and have an experience that didn’t start out well. I missed my outbound flight and had to reconcile myself to the repercussions, but it has turned out to be an overall outstanding experience.

First, the hotel apparently decided that due to my crappy travel day getting to my destination I deserved some extra special accommodations. My room is a corner unit that is practically a suite, and features a marble floored foyer and enough room to choreograph a dance routine. I don’t know why I rate this special place, unless they took pity on me.

But the really sweet and amazing thing is my upgraded return flight. Because of my change of itinerary I had to get rebooked on my flight home. Although I have no special status, for whatever reason United has decided to put me in First Class for my return flight to San Francisco.

I didn’t believe it when I looked at my travel app today and prepared to check in for my return flight, but I was showing as being seated in row 2. Yes, **Row 2!!** I checked in as soon as allowed, because I’m still sort of thinking this is a glitch and they would toss me back to the rear of the plane once they realize their error. But now that I have that confirmed check in, how can they take it away from me? (Yeah, I really don’t want to know about the terms and conditions fine print that probably allows them to declare “Oh, what a silly oversight on our part! You really are in row 36B! Yes, that row all the way at the back where you can’t recline and are next to the stinky toilets. Enjoy your free cup of Sprite!”)

What a glorious gift from the universe it will be if I get to kick back on this four-hour flight with free dinner and cocktails. 😀


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