Rounding out the weekend

I had too much “weekending” yesterday to squeeze in a post. That means I’ve already missed two days of blogging in November. Ah well, as I noted earlier I’m not shooting for perfection.

There’s a hiking/exercising/social group in Napa that I joined at the beginning of this year as a way to stay active and meet people. Hikes are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and on some weekends. I try to go every Thursday night and fit in the occasional weekend hikes when possible. (Now that we’re lacking a lot of daylight, the Tuesday and Thursday “hikes” are really more like neighborhood walks, but they are done in very hilly areas of town where we get more of a work out.)

The past few weekends there have been hikes scheduled every Sunday and I’ve been trying to make sure I get out and go on them. This makes for early Sunday mornings, since we shoot for finishing up our 3 hours of hiking no later than noon. Then we usually go out for brunch, so I often don’t get home until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I take a shower, put my feet up for a bit and/or take a nap, then get back out again on a short walk with the dog. By the time I’m done resting, it’s usually time to prep dinner and clean up a bit. Since I’m usually getting to bed by 9 PM these days, that doesn’t leave much time to do anything on Sunday evenings, so it’s no surprise I missed my writing time yesterday.

All this hiking/walking is helping me get in better shape, though. 🙂

Part of my plan to lose a few more pounds and stay in shape involves drinking much, much less alcohol. I had gotten to the point that I was drinking something — wine, beer, or a cocktail — every night of the week. That’s a lot of empty calories. Last night I stuck with hot tea and water. While I did have a martini on Friday night (I had gone out with another Meetup group to see Spectre that night, so it seemed appropriate!), I had no other alcohol all weekend long. I guess that goes contrary to what most people think of as weekend fun, but I’m feeling just fine about keeping the “partying” down on the weekend.

Because I didn’t want to make time to go to the grocery store, I had to put last night’s dinner together with what I had on hand. So the menu was this soup and a fresh salad made from turnips and carrots. (I love being able to search for recipes using ingredients I have on hand!) Some homemade garlic bread rounded out the meal.

There must be something going on in my head, though, because I had a dream last night that woke me up around 2 or 3 AM because I was crying. From the dream I recall seeing people I’ve met and interacted with here in Napa, but it was in an odd setting. We were on an airplane, yet people were up and about and moving around a lot as if it was some other form of transportation, like a train or a ship. Seating was more casual than on a plane, and looked more like what you see in a crowded airport gate (minus the carry on luggage). Some person was having a medical emergency and I had to deal with it. I needed some item or thing to do that, and made my way through all the people to get to the place where this thing (I can’t even recall what it was now) I needed to help the person was kept. It was slow going with all the people up and about in the “airplane cabin,” and me having to jostle my way through them, and then back again to where the ill person was located. When I finally got back, the ill person was laying across a row of seats, cradled in the arms of a man I know from my hiking group. [BTW, this is not a guy who is in any way a romantic interest because he’s gay.] “It’s too late,” he said, and I knew the person had died. I started crying. I had tried so hard to get through the obstacles so I could help this ill person, and I had failed. I woke up sobbing and crying.

While I was able to fall asleep again fairly quickly, I know I’m going to be processing through this dream for a while. It may just be a mishmash of stuff I’ve taken in over the past several months and mean nothing. Or it may mean something after all. I’m often slow to figure out what’s going on in my head and this is no exception.

7 thoughts on “Rounding out the weekend

    • Sad face because of the dream or something else? I’m not really sad about the dream, more puzzled. I don’t even know who the ill/dead person in my dream was; there was no recognition of it being a particular person, at least.


  1. I’ve been told all the people in your dream are actually you or represent you in some way. I can’t say I follow your blog completely, but it would seem like your dream is to have someone care for you, but not necessarily a person who you would/could marry? Also it may be your fear/concern about your sight issues. But then what do I know??? Just my two cents.


    • Well, I really hope that’s not the case, because in my dream last night I found one of my chickens killed and half eaten!

      Actually, I really DON’T want to get married again. I just want a steady partner at some point.


  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean anything was to be taken literally, just as metaphors.

    Your chicken dead and half-eaten = something is gone in your life and it’s eating at you. Same thing about the person who died – possibly just means something is gone in your life.

    Your prior dream – the people in your way possibly represent obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your goal.

    I find dreams interesting and I hope I haven’t upset you, nor overstepped my bounds. I’ll stop now.


    • I find dreams interesting, too, which is why I write about them at times. No worries. I was being a bit of a smart ass about my concern regarding last night’s recalled dream. 🙂


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