Vallejo Open Studios

Today evolved organically into a fun outing with a man I know from one of my Meetup groups. I saw him at a group outing last night and he happened to mention this coffee roaster in Vallejo that has tastings every Saturday. I decided to drive down there today to check out the coffee and to also visit the farmers market. (Sadly, Napa’s farmers market closed for the season, but the ones in Calistoga and Vallejo are open year ’round, so I’m trying to get a feel for what they offer.)

At the coffee roaster, I ran into my friend from the Meetup (yes, that was definitely another reason I went to Vallejo today) where we talked as I sampled coffees. Coincidentally it is Open Studios weekend in Vallejo, and another person we were talking with suggested I visit some of the places that were open. My Meetup friend offered to show me around, so I took him up on the offer.

We visited some places in the gentrifying downtown of Vallejo, Coal Shed Studios on Mare Island, and the farmers market. Along the way we also stopped so i could get some lunch and a beer, and we shared our stories about how we ended up in the Bay Area. We had a good time and swapped numbers at the end of the day so we can connect easier next time we want to get together.

I snapped a few photos at one of the last studios we visited, Steampunk Studios. There were some fantastic floats and large works being created there.

Steampunk truck rear

Tricked out steampunk truck rear

Tricked out steampunk truck side

Side of tricked out steampunk truck

Steampunk octopus float

Steampunk octopus float

Steampunk float

Steampunk float

Steampunk truck front

Front of tricked out steampunk truck


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