A brief update

I had an early morning today, and I’m very tired tonight. Tomorrow will be an early morning, too, so I’m going to be brief and get to bed.

Eye stuff: I had a pressure check today and my IOP is moving back up again. I get to add another drop to my regime. Yay. We’re still trying to hold out until January for the surgery. We’ll see. I take it day by day with the eye. Today is a blurry day, so I’m not surprised the pressure is higher.

Dating stuff: I got a non-creepy message from a decent-seeming guy today. Progress! I have a few conversation threads going now that seem fairly normal and promising.

Reading stuff: I picked up the new Mary Oliver book of poems, Felicity, at the library tonight. I reserved it as soon as I saw it listed in the catalog and I’m the first patron to get my hands on it. 🙂 There were also several interesting looking books on the Grumpy Rumblings blog yesterday that I added to my book wish list on Amazon.


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