Sunshine beats fog any day

It’s winter in the Bay area, which seems to mean that many mornings will start with fog. By midday, though, there is usually sun. It’s a good metaphor for my life now.

Most of the comments on my last post pointed out that the doubts I was experiencing were just short-term and temporary (the fog), and that the jitters would come to an end (sunshine). Of course that’s right, so here are some things that I am loving about the area and the move.

I get to commute by ferry! Doesn’t that sound awesome and sort of romantic? Well, it is!

On the days I go into the office I have a short drive (no more than 30 minutes) to the ferry port in Vallejo, and then I get an hour to do whatever I want on the ferry. I can work (and I mostly do that in the morning) since there is wi-fi, but also: I can read, I can knit, I can nap, or I can just look out the window at the beauty that is the Bay and the ever-changing interplay of sky, sea, and bird life.

I get to see sea lions lazing about on the buoys at times, but it’s mostly birds I see such as cormorants, gulls, and pelican making wild dives into the waters to catch fish. At the end of the ride I stroll up Market Street from the Ferry Building and get lots of people watching in. End of day I do this in reverse, but so far it is not boring at all. 🙂

Vallejo ferry terminal at sunset

Vallejo ferry terminal at sunset

Our office in San Francisco rocks! I never thought I’d enjoy being in an office environment, but this is a super cool one. We have a room with walking stations (aka “treadmill desks”) and I’ve been able to snag a spot every time I’ve been in the office for an hour or so. I usually use the conference calls to do my walking time; it breaks up the day and gives me extra exercise.

Walking workstation at the office

Walking workstation at the office


There are also well-marked stations for recycling AND composting in the office, and the coffee machine uses real beans instead of wasteful little pods or packets. All the utensils are compostable, too. Sweet little amenities like real milk and soy milk for your tea or coffee are provided gratis. There’s a small fitness room. There are Wii and gaming terminals on each floor (not that I’m really a gamer, but it seems pretty cool), as well as a foosball table in the break area. (Not that I play foosball, either, but…)

Most everyone works quietly around you in the open office space and uses the privacy rooms appropriately, so if you need to make a personal call or be on a conference call where you’ll do lots of talking you can do it away from others. Not everyone respects the workspace reservation system, but I’m firm and they know I have righteousness (and the office authorities) on my side when I tell them I reserved that space and they have to move. :-/

Food is fantastic in this area! Veggies, fruit, and seafood are fresh and plentiful. There are fantastic dairies and ranches really nearby that produce delicious yogurt, cheese, ice cream, and meat. There is a lot of very good wine. 🙂

Hannah dog and I can go for walks every day. Well, technically we don’t do this since on the days I go to the office since at this time of year it’s dark in the morning when I leave and at night when I get home. This will change as the days lengthen and we’ll be able to add to our once or twice daily walks that we take on other days of the week.

Hannah dog on the walk

Hannah dog on the walk

We like to walk the river. Walking there and back is nearly 2.5 miles and the views are usually quite stunning.

Coast Guard boat on Napa River

Coast Guard boat on Napa River

And the weather is usually perfect. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sunshine beats fog any day

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  2. Your office environment and set up sounds pretty optimal. As long as the work itself and the colleagues are good too, it seems like the ideal job 🙂
    Yay for standing desks!! I think they’re awfully neat so love the fact they’ve got stations you can log out.


  3. That office sounds so cool! Your commute sounds lovely. The food out there really is quite yummy. I am happy for you. I think it’ll be a great move for you in the long run. I miss the fog. It was so stunning to me.


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