Just like old times…

For the past week I’ve been going to bed by 9 PM every night. I’ve been really sick. Last Saturday I woke up feeling like the cold I’d been dealing with earlier in the week had become monstrous, yet I had to keep executing against my aggressive moving plan, nonetheless.

A friend came over on Saturday to help me sort stuff for the estate sale, so I didn’t have to conquer the remaining mess all by myself, at least. Unfortunately, I nearly lost my voice entirely while communicating with her, though. Saturday night was rough. I had problems sleeping because I was so uncomfortable. My throat hurt, my sinuses hurt, and I was coughing a lot. When Sunday morning dawned, I got out of bed and made an assessment of the situation. I decided that my level of sickness warranted a visit to immediate care, and so after I got cleaned up I drove myself there.

The doc told me which OTC meds I should be using (hint: if it isn’t kept behind the pharmacy counter these days, it’s pretty much worthless), but also noted that since I had no fever at the time or in the history I gave the triage nurse, it wasn’t advisable to prescribe any antibiotics. Oh, and BTW I had bronchitis and it would take up to 28 days to get completely over it. I’m happy to comply with any advice that leads to less antibiotic-resistant bacteria in our world, so I thanked him for the diagnosis and proceeded immediately to a pharmacy to buy the meds he recommended.

Five days later I’m finally feeling well enough that I made it through the day without the meth-producing drugs. (I was able to revert to the wimpy stuff usually bought OTC, instead.) I am planning to go to sleep soon, though, since the 9-10 hour nights seem to be helping.

My sleeping arrangements these days are very much like they were when I first started living alone back in my twenties. Back then I slept on a futon on the floor because I couldn’t afford a regular bed with mattress or a frame for the futon. Because I’m not taking the bed frame or the platform for the Tempurpedic mattress with me across the country, my mattress is on the floor right now. (Well, technically it’s laying on a canvas drop cloth on the floor.) I’m living in the bedroom with over half my belongings in boxes piled around me.

I only have to stay this “confined” until the estate sale is completed this weekend, though, and then I can spread out a bit and leave packed boxes in other areas around the house. But I’ll still be sleeping on the floor until I finally move out of the house in a couple more weeks. Then it’s on to the next stage of the move.


2 thoughts on “Just like old times…

  1. Wow. That is really unbelievable progress….but my body tends to revolt like yours is now when the stress and levels are too high. I have learned to rest when my body tells me so otherwise the illnesses last for months.

    Sounds like you are in the home stretch. Big cheers from me to you!


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