The dark days

Winter solstice is nearly here and I’m looking forward to crossing over to longer days. It may be the general busyness before the holidays, but I’m exhausted most days and can barely make it to 9:30 PM before I find myself in bed, and asleep within minutes. I don’t like waking up in the dark, nor do I like dressing by flashlight (my concession so as not to disturb B in the early mornings).

And there are other aspects to the dark days. Since the week before Thanksgiving, B’s dad was in and out of the hospital, rehab center, and finally wound up in hospice. Last Wednesday, he passed away.

B’s father was in failing health when I first met him about three years ago. He’s pulled through so may health crises over his 87 years that to B and his family it must have seemed impossible for him to ever lose.

Tomorrow we’ll take the short journey to B’s hometown for the visitation. We’ll stay over for the funeral on Monday, and then I must return home to finish out the work week. It’s hard to plan how we’ll handle the holidays this year. We’ll just have to figure things out as we go along.


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