Happy update

I got super lucky at the Lands’ End store last weekend. One of the people at the store has magic hands and he was able to unstick the jammed zipper! (A total of three other people had no luck, but this guy must have a special touch.)

We had a bit of a warm up over the past few days so I haven’t had to wear it, which allowed me to do some maintenance to minimize the risk of the zipper sticking/jamming again. I washed it, and then I waxed the zipper using the end of a candle. That sounds odd to me, but I searched “zipper maintenance” and apparently applying a bit of wax every now and then is good for it. We’ll see.

I also got two recommendations on good places to get a zipper replaced. While the one is not near my home or work, the other is fairly close to my home so that will be my fallback plan.

Winter is serious here in Chicago, so I have some redundancy in my winter wear, too. I have a jacket with a removable quilted liner that I’ve been wearing as the weather has been getting colder, and the mentioned “sleeping bag” coat for the bitter days. I forgot that I have another parka similar in weight to the Squall that I picked up cheap at Costco many years ago when I was a member. It’s not as useful to me as the Squall (no two-way zipper, no extra pockets, and a color that is not as flattering), so I use it mainly for outdoor chores in the winter. I forgot about that coat, so it could be another back up in case the Squall does need to go in for a zipper replacement.

While in the store waiting for the guy to wrestle with my zipper, I also tried on a man’s Squall and a woman’s Squall again to check the fit. The men’s parka wasn’t fitting as well as I hoped; a medium didn’t have a lot of room around the hips and the large was uncomfortably big. The women’s parka fit me better than I recalled, which suggests that perhaps part of the problem I was having with the fit was due to my, um, slightly larger size at the time. I had enough room to move my arms around even while wearing a sweater. The pockets are still very disappointing, though.

I guess I’m one of the few women in the country who relies on pockets to hold items instead of stuffing everything into a giant purse. Or am I? If you’re a woman, do you carry a large purse? This is what I carry (in the black color) every day. I love that the purse has pockets on the sides. I put my water bottle in one pocket (yes, I carry a water bottle every time I leave the house) and in the other I keep a collapsible shopping bag and a small umbrella when it’s threatening to rain. The rest of the purse gets filled up with my wallet, a small bag with personal items like lip balm and hair ties, my eyeglass case, sunglasses, phone, and a sock knitting project. I can usually slip my iPad in there, too, but there is no room for a hat and gloves.

I’m not one of those women who likes to change her purse to match her outfit and I tend to dress casually outside of work. I’m on my second one of those purses and have been using this one for at least three years now. A quality product — whether it’s a coat or a purse — is such a treasure! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy update

  1. What a great bag! I use an old Timbuk2 mini-messenger bag as my “weekend purse” (I tote a full sized messenger bag on work days), but after more than five years, it is starting to get a little grungy… I may be ready for a new one!

    I am lost without pockets at work… I need to carry keys and a cell phone at all times, and on days when my clothes don’t have pockets, I am miserable. They are now on the “must” list for work clothes! 🙂


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