Quiet mornings at Crater Lake


We’re starting day five of our road trip through northern California and Oregon. The last two nights my friends and I stayed at Crater Lake Lodge and enjoyed the amazing views outside our window and from the porch of the lodge.

Yesterday we split up and one of us hiked up a ridge (that was not me) and the other two of us hiked down into a small canyon with a burbling, spring-fed, very cold creek running along the bottom. The hike down was challenging for me in certain places since I’m afraid of falling. This makes me not much use driving through the mountains, either, but we’re managing.

Watching the dawn creep over the lake is something I’m going to miss, but we have to check out today and get back on the road. We’re on our way to Portland where we’ll complete the last leg of our journey before high-tailing it back to the Bay Area. I’m drinking all this pleasure and joy in and storing it up for later as much as possible: laughing with friends, beautiful nature, and excellent food.


2 thoughts on “Quiet mornings at Crater Lake

  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for all your beautiful photos and your posts about urban chickening! Phoenix and Chicago are… well… about as opposite as you can get, I suppose, but somehow we both manage to garden and raise chickens!

    I’ve tossed a little “Beautiful Blogger” nod your way – and if you’d like to participate, please feel free to head over to my post (http://calundmark.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/am-i-blushing/) to get the details.

    Hope you’re enjoying the west!

    – Cal


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