A test

I bought an iPad a few weeks ago and just got around to getting a case with a wireless keyboard. Thought I’d see how well it works with the WordPress app by putting up a short post. It seems to be working pretty well! I just have to get used the location of the shift key. Which case and keyboard did I get? I haven’t yet figured out how to copy/paste/insert a link using the iPad and the WordPress app, but search for the Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 on Amazon, and it will pop right up.


2 thoughts on “A test

  1. I still have trouble copying and pasting but I love my ipad. I actually bought a bigger purse so I can carry it around with me, but I think the next ereader I get will be a little smaller so it’s more portable. I’ve found loads of uses for it. It’s been great.


  2. I’m liking the iPad more every day. Today I loaded the NOAA radio app on it, to keep track of thunderstorms —- and potential tornados. It’s going to be a wild weekend weather-wise in OK.

    Using the iPad to blog, I’ve figured out to do almost everything in WordPress HTML mode except insert a picture in a blog post. I’ve had to learn how to better use tags.


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