The rain in Spain

I originally wrote this while in Sevilla, Spain. It got stuck in my Drafts, so it’s a bit dated. Rather than just dump it, though, I decided to push it through, even if it is a few days late. I’m home in Chicago now. More writing and photos about Spain will be posted over the next week or so. I took *a lot* of photos.


I couldn’t resist the reference. It’s been raining off and on for days now, so many that I’ve lost count. I think today has been the worst, though, since the showers get fairly heavy at times.

While walking to the Real Alcázar late this morning I became soaked to the knees and had to take shelter under an awning not far from my destination. To continue walking in the deluge would have been crazy. As I stood under the awning with others — one of the “gypsy” women, still clutching a sprig, and fellow tourists from points unknown — a man with a tripod in his hand and camera around his neck began commenting to me in rapid Castilian. I think the general meaning was that it rarely rains so heavily here. Finally the rain slackened to a more normal pace and I continued on.

Alcázar was filled with tourists quite glad to linger in its many beautiful and dry rooms. By the time I reached the gardens the rain had stopped for a bit, but I still chose not to linger in them. I made a joke to myself that the gardens were full of gatos y patos (cats and ducks), and that the ducks had the advantage today.

I have the rest of this day to sightsee in Sevilla, but the miserable weather makes the final item on my wish list — a stroll along the Guadalquivir River — a very bad prospect. So I will instead spend time reading, writing, and knitting in the apartment. With a bottle of wine at hand, of course, since it is vacation.

2 thoughts on “The rain in Spain

  1. One of my fondest memories was when I got soaked in a sudden rainstorm somewhere in Switzerland. It had been really hot and muggy and it was so refreshing. I wish my pack were protected but otherwise it was just a great feeling. I hope it lets up soon. Rain once in a while in a hot place is novel, but the whole trip, it’s a drag.


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