Small bites

Hola! Estoy en Granada ahora. That’s Granada as in Spain.

After months of researching and talking about wanting to go to Spain, here I am! This is a big deal to me. I’ve been diligently putting aside money in a targeted savings account every month for a year because I knew I wanted to travel. I just wanted to go so many places it was hard to make up my mind. Finally, late last Fall it came to me: Spain.

Apparently the feeling is floating around with a lot of folks. Some friends of mine will be here in Andalucia next month, in fact.

I’m traveling on my own and it’s been a bit tricky. My Spanish is rudimentary and rusty. It’s starting to come back a bit, but I’m so shy to speak. Only now — four days into the trip — am I starting to feel willing and able to stutter out abbreviated phrases using abysmal grammar. At least I’m trying, right?

I’ve been staying connected via WiFi in my accommodations. I carefully chose places that included it in the amenities. I haven’t been blogging, though, because as much as I love my little tablet (a “rooted” NookColor) the lack of a qwerty keyboard is a challenge for me.

Traveling alone is lonely at night. I suspected it would be, but I decided to not put off the trip for that single reason. I hoped that I would meet others to talk with, and I have. But I don’t get to converse with people every night and I’m always dining by myself. Spaniards aren’t necessarily stand-offish, but they have their own lives and aren’t here just to amuse me. The language barrier and my general tonguetied-ness hasn’t helped.

But I’m here. That’s what is important. I’m eating typical Spanish food (not a lot of veggies, unfortunately) and drinking Spanish wine and beer. I’ve adjusted to the Spanish dining schedule which involves light breakfasts, mid-morning snacks, sizable lunches at around 2PM (that’s 14:00 hora here)  and more snack-sized bites in the evening. This eating schedule really works for me (although the small amount of vegetables does not).

So far I’ve stayed in Madrid and for the next few nights I’m in Granada. I visited Toledo yesterday (a day trip) and move on to Sevilla in a few days. There’s much too much to see and do, so I’ve just resolved to use the same approach to touring Spain as the Spanish do with eating: small bites here and there keep you satisficed. And this, too, works for me.


3 thoughts on “Small bites

  1. I plan on making travel a much bigger part of my life again, once my little one gets to be school age. I really love exploring new places. Have a sangria for me.

    When I was a kid my neighbor invited me to the lake. I was confused because he was by himself and I was like “you’re going alone?” He said to me and I’ll never forget it “If I waited to do stuff until I had someone to go with me, I’d miss out on a lot of life, yeah, I’m going alone, but if you want to come along, you can.”

    It was a huge moment and I’m proud you figured that out on your own. Rock on girl.


  2. Sounds like a great trip, and yes, even with the grammar errors, as long as you attempt to converse using the language, the native speakers appreciate this very much and will overlook the errors. I love how you’ve decided to be satisfied with the small bites here and there. A beautiful way to look at it.


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