Energy rush?

I’m not sure what it is that propelled me out of bed at 5 AM today. It’s a Sunday, which is typically a lazy day for me. I love to lounge on Sunday mornings with coffee and some reading material, which is what I’ve done since I woke up. It’s just that I started my lounging in the pre-dawn, which is unusual for me. Maybe I was up so early because I find it hard to sleep with large braces strapped to my lower legs.

For the past month or two (or three…I’ve frankly lost track) I’ve had some mild but persistent pain in my heels, and my right heel in particular. When it first started, I chalked it up my running form. I had just started a couch to 5K running program and figured that this foot pain was due to the way my feet were landing when I ran. I was also running in the Vibram Five Fingers shoes and thought that my feet were just getting used to this minimalist footwear.

Five weeks into the running program I stopped because my feet were hurting so much after running. I even tried running in some new stabilized running shoes instead, but by then the pain was persistent. I decided to give my feet as much of a break as possible and stopped running. I didn’t even use the elliptical at the gym because my feet were so sore. I usually wear very sensible shoes and despite the fact that I walk quite a bit, my feet were getting better. But my heels were still sore, especially in the mornings.

My friend A has been dealing with bad plantar fasciitis for a year and when I casually mentioned this during a conversation with her, she urged me to a see a podiatrist and not mess around. Friday afternoon I finally went to the podiatrist and that’s what he diagnosed. While my case seems quite mild, it’s not going to get better without some treatment and this podiatrist likes to use night splints. When he pulled out these unwieldy, vaguely stormtrooper looking things, the first thing I asked was how long I was going to have to wear them. The answer: until I feel better. Ugh.

They are no fun putting on at night and it’s definitely not fun wearing them. Friday night I kept waking up to adjust them because my feet were so uncomfortable. Plus whenever I would change positions, these clunky braces really got in my way. Last night I put them on and then ended up taking them off at 2 AM. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m hoping I find a reasonably comfortable position with them soon, or I may end up being really cranky due to sleep deprivation.

It’s even more amazing to me that I got up so early after spending most of the day yesterday in a house-cleaning frenzy. I used to have a cleaning lady come every two weeks for many, many years because I prefer not to spend my time off from work cleaning. That was one of the first expenses I cut from my budget after the divorce, though. I wanted to save that money so I could build up my emergency fund, which was completely non-existent after the divorce. (He got the cash, I got the house. Or, I guess I got the house equity. I also got a mortgage that I had to pay on my own. Scary stuff!)

I keep the house reasonably clean on my own, but I don’t do really thorough cleaning very often. The bathroom is regularly cleaned, the kitchen is kept tidy and sanitary, bed linens are routinely changed and washed, and the floors are regularly vacuumed to keep the dog hair dust bunnies at a minimum. But I hate to dust and I don’t wash the floors very often, either. Not wearing shoes in the house certainly helps keep the floors cleaner, but they still need to washed occasionally.

Yesterday I tackled a total house cleaning: de-cluttering, dusting, major kitchen appliance cleaning, behind the furniture vacuuming, and even some window washing. B and I were having a couple over for drinks and then going out to dinner. He kept insisting that I not make a big deal out of prepping, but I explained that I had put off this big clean-up far too long, and this “home visit” was the perfect motivator for me. Now the house is practically spotless, although the ever present basement clutter is still awaiting my next big energy rush.

Winter is finally here, so maybe being reduced to indoor activities will make it easier for me to tackle the basement. We’ll just see about that.


2 thoughts on “Energy rush?

  1. Hey – the doc probably told you this, but you should probably be wearing shoes all the time now. I even put my Dansko’s on when I wake up in the night to pee. I’m never barefoot except in the shower. Glad you you caught it sooner rather than later.


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