It’s baaa-aaa-ck!

Well, it may not be the same one, but there’s a raccoon messing with the hens again. This time, I’m not too concerned since I lock them securely in their Eglu at night. I’m sure it’s stressful for the hens, though.

Really, I wonder what it’s like: hearing “the beast” attacking your shelter at night and knowing you’re just *that close* to being torn apart. *shudder* I guess when our way-distant ancestors first descended from the trees they had similar experiences. But we’ve been predators and up near the top of the food chain for so long that we really don’t have to worry about such things. Unless we live in an unstable urban area or a war zone, that is.

Well, that was quite a digression!

Anyway, I’m really only assuming it’s a raccoon visiting at night since I haven’t actually seen it. But what else could be messing up the run cover every night for the past  3 nights? I’ve even figured out where it’s getting into the uber-run (as I call my large run in which the Eglus rest), and frankly there’s not much I can do about it.

As long as the hens keep inside the Eglu coop at night and don’t try to wander out into the attached Eglu run area they are safe. I could close the door to the Eglu coop and take away this option entirely, but then the hens would be stuck without food or water until I rolled out of bed an hour or two after sunrise to let them out. It’s summer and with the shorter nights I’d have to be out there at about 5 or 5:30 AM every day to beat or meet the sunrise.

I’m down to 2 chickens now and I’m actually thinking I may bring them to my mom’s farm this fall and go without hens for the winter. It would give me a bit of a break and allow me to plan a better coop and run layout, perhaps. After all, as anyone with chickens will admit, you always contemplate ways to improve your set up .

In the meantime, I wonder how much longer the raccoon will keep trying to get at a hen until it finally gives up and leaves for good. Or at least for another few months until the morning light comes later.

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