Summing it up

It’s the end of the month already. And it’s a significant end, too. First, it’s Halloween (yippee!!!), and second, tomorrow we all magically get one more hour of sleep as we turn our clocks back to Standard Time (double yippee!!!) Of course, in the animal world of chickens and dogs where clocks don’t measure time, they will still wake up at daybreak no matter what. But I think I still get some extra sack time.

How am I feeling? Better, and thanks for asking. (Yes, I’m holding an imaginary conversation here. What’s wrong with that!?) I’m past the raging hormone stage and safely on the other side, which helps my mood quite a bit. Still, when I came home tonight to a house inhabited only by dogs I wasn’t very happy. Of course the evening was sort of a let-down, too.

Several months ago I joined a Meet Up group called Fun Chicago Singles. There are all sorts of events offered through this group that are voluntarily organized by members of the group. There have been several events that have looked interesting, but I wasn’t able to attend due to previous commitments or bad timing. But there was a fun looking event planned for tonight that I was looking forward to. The program promised ghost story-telling and music at a local Irish-themed pub. For me this was great: stories, music, and Guinness. What’s not to love?

Rachael, Jamie and I got there early as suggested so we could secure a (free) ticket to the story-telling. (At Rachael’s suggestion I wore a clever costume. I dressed in black from head to toe then hung an envelope around my neck: blackmail. Get it? My roommates thought it was funny, at least.) There was a bit of confusion about the organization, but we got our tickets and secured a table so we could have dinner first. The service was friendly but very slow. By the time we finished our dinner and paid the check, it was past time for the program to start. We had to change rooms for the program and when we got there it was overfull. All the seats and tables were filled; the room was much too crowded for me, and I just turned around and left.

A mediocre dinner, and no stories tonight sort of bummed me out. Plus this was a singles event where I expected to meet other singles and really didn’t. Well, at least I got to enjoy time with my friends tonight, right?

Shortly after I got home roomie 2 came back to the house after venturing out to get some groceries. He decided to stay in tonight and even rented some movies to watch and offered to share them with me. This helps me feel not so lonely tonight.

And I’ve got some other options opening up. I took the plunge and joined a few nights ago and am wading through what Erica calls “man spam.” What exactly is a “wink” anyway? And why do men “wink” at me from places like Wyoming and New Jersey? I think they’re just looking for titillating chat sessions, and frankly they will be sorely disappointed.

I feel like I’m walking a fine line these days. While I’m not wanting to make mistakes due to my desire to just be around people, it’s equally bad for me to not do anything at all. I want to make sure that I don’t fixate on someone or some situation that is not going anywhere or is not healthy for me. I’m thinking that keeping a complete dating moratorium is not something I should keep up for long, so I’m getting to be highly selective instead.

I’m also going to attend that meditation open house tomorrow morning so I can get free instruction and perhaps gauge what the place is like. They have a weekend workshop coming up and I may want to attend if the place feels right. I successfully sat for about 6 minutes the other night. It doesn’t sound like long, does it? The first minute or two was tough; I wanted to give up right away. But gradually I relaxed into it and was a bit startled when the alarm went off. (Time up already?)

Overall, I think I’m doing pretty good these days. Let’s see what November has to offer, shall we?


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