Lots of pots were used

There were no cool trips this weekend, just lots of stuff getting done.

Saturday was mainly about food prep, as Rachael came over and we cooked up two huge pots of applesauce. Instead of canning it, we decided to just bag it up and freeze it in carefully measured amounts. In total, we made 37 cups of applesauce, plus a smidge more that was sent home with another friend, Chris, who stopped by just as the sauce was being finished. She helped bag it up so she scored some to take home.

We made plain and simple applesauce: no sweetening, and no spices or other seasoning. We figured that this way it was like a blank canvas that could be dressed up as needed. We left the peels on as it cooked, and it gave the sauce a different flavor than last year’s batch. Not one that I liked very much when tasted warm, but Rachael and Chris said that the taste was changing slightly as the sauce cooled. We’ll see; frankly I wanted the sauce mainly for baking, as it can be used to make cakes and other baked goods that are moist with less fat.

While the applesauce was cooking, we filled up the dehydrator with slices of eating apples and Asian pears. Last year we learned that when dehydrated,  Asian pears are like wafers of sugar: crunchy and super sweet. I’m not a big fan of Asian pears anyway, and definitely not dehydrated into sugar wafers; Rachael loves them, though, so we made sure that several trays were done.

All of this was accomplished by 1 PM, at which point Rachael left with her bags of sauce and Chris stayed on to wind some yarn. She kindly dropped me on Sheridan Road to make some purchases on her way to another appointment. I was back home again by 4 PM, and took a bit of rest before heading back out to get groceries.

Everything went so smoothly and with such little strain that I was surprised to be bone tired by 9 PM. I struggled to stay awake through the evening news and the beginnings of SNL, then gave up and went to bed.

Today I finally got my act together and went to the gym. I really worked myself hard with 40 minutes on the elliptical and another 25 minutes of ab work. After I got home and devoured an early lunch, I rested for an hour and then went out to tackle the yard and the chicken coop. There are still a couple plants in the ground, but most of the garden clean up is complete. And I gave the chicken coop and run area a good cleaning and tidying.

Once back inside I vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathroom, and finally showered. Then I put my feet up and read for an hour before returning to the kitchen to cook up a big pot of vegetable soup and a pan of cornbread.

Sound exhausting? I think it shouldn’t be, but I find myself once again ready to slip into bed and go right to sleep. Friday night and Saturday night I must have gotten at least 8 if not 9 hours of sleep, but it doesn’t seem enough. It gets dark so quickly these days and I think it is affecting my energy level.

It’s also very likely that I have a case of the blues, too. Last night I really didn’t want to be alone and the thought of sitting at home by myself left me feeling down. It’s not as if I couldn’t have visited or gone to a movie with a friend, it’s just that I wanted someone to be there with me at home. Last weekend I wasn’t alone, but this weekend I was and I really felt the difference.

But things are looking up. I got a great dose of sunshine today while working outside and I spent 10 minutes in the tanning bed, too. My roommates spent time with me today, which perked me up. The one that is completely moved in was out of town this weekend, but when he returned this evening he seemed inclined to sit and visit. So I shared some of my veggie soup and fresh baked cornbread with him, followed by a cup of tea when roomie #2 arrived for a visit. (Hopefully he’ll be moved in completely by this weekend at the latest.)

I keep experiencing mostly good things with this roommate arrangement, and I’m grateful for that. I hope it keeps up and the blue funk rolls away.

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