Just a quickie

I’m off for a quick weekend trip in just a few minutes. Since it’s raining and it’s afternoon, I expect there will be some sort of delay at O’Hare, but I hope it’s not too bad.

I’ve haven’t really made time to write lately, but there are some good things to note.

  • I’m getting eggs again! Hooray! Not as many as I used to, but the hens are getting older and the days are getting shorter, so I’m sure they’re doing their best.
  • No new raccoon scares. Of course, I’m also being really good about locking them in the Eglu run at night, which is helping, I’m sure.
  • No new cash drains have popped up. The car is working, and I’ll get the airbag issue fixed in just a week or two.
  • The dogs are well.
  • I’m taking an afternoon off and looking forward to a relaxing weekend with plenty of travel knitting and reading time and lots of talking and visiting with a friend.

Well, time to “cut the cord” and sign off now. I’ll likely send a few tweets, but I’m not bringing the laptop so there will be no blogging.

One thought on “Just a quickie

  1. hi there. I could really use your experience/advice regarding a chicken (quite possibly sick) I found in the park and brought home today– any chance you’d be willing to converse via email? I’d be most grateful… navelly at gmail. best wishes.


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