Mixed blessings

Life is usually composed of ups and downs, pros and cons, pluses and minuses. And such has been my experience recently.

Let’s start with the downs first: my car seems to have decided that now is the time for a major overhaul. It’s 7 years old, and I’ve been lucky to get by with standard oil changes and check ups until now. Lately, all systems seem to be flaky. Last time I posted, the car was non-operational due to a dead battery. That required a tow from my garage to a mechanic’s garage before the repair could be made.

Then the air bag light came on. I put off addressing that for a week. Next, the Check Engine light came on while on the way back to the mechanic to check that airbag light. So, within one week my car got the following “spa services”:

  • Tow
  • New battery
  • Oil change
  • New air filter
  • New oxygen sensor [the reason behind the Check Engine light]
  • New front brakes — rotors and pads

The grand total so far is roughly $700. And let’s not forget that airbag light. We still haven’t addressed that, since the part to fix it will be almost $500, plus tax and labor. I’m putting that one off until next month. Oh, and one of the tires has a nail/screw in the sidewall that so far is causing no problems, but could result in a flat tire at some time if not addressed.

OK, so that’s the bad stuff around the car. Now, on to the bad stuff around my house. So far, all the mechanicals in the house are working well. But that pesky raccoon came back this morning.

I was roused from sleep at about 5 AM this time by the squawking hens and found the raccoon INSIDE the run this time. Yep, it had found a way around the bird netting and was sitting in there fairly calmly as the hens went wild with fear. Stupid me had not locked the run to the Eglu, so the hens were fair game for this predator, even though they have been sleeping in the Eglu coop (which is located inside my bigger, walk-in run) at night instead of on top of the Eglu. So, I rush out to find the raccoon in one corner of the run sitting in a seemingly calm manner, while the hens were in another corner of the run panicking.

I’m lucky this raccoon seems to be young, inexperienced, and easily intimidated. It gladly tried to climb out of the run when I used the blustering technique again [pounding on the fence and sternly yelling “get out of here; go!”] This time the escape took longer, as I have the bird netting on top secured well in *most* places. Not all places, however, as I saw the beast try several escape options before it finally succeeded. Well, now I know where to reinforce, I guess.

So, the two bad things lately involve costly car repairs and hen predators. Now for the good stuff that is helping to balance this out.

I have new roommates. Yep, just tonight roommate #1 has moved in upstairs. The second person will be moving in slowly over the next month; he’ll be moved in completely by November 1, but until then has paid October rent and a security deposit. Note the pronoun: he. Both of my new roomies are guys. When I think of it, what runs through my mind is “I’m living with boys,” in a silly, giggly voice.

There were several folks interested in my posting on Craigslist — many of them women — but these 2 students seemed to fit well. They’re only 25 years old, but they both work and go to college. One is finishing his bachelor’s degree this month and then starting on grad school, while the other is in this last year of undergrad. Their references checked out very good, and they seem to have their acts together. I think it will be good for me to live with  a couple people who can give me a different perspective on things. I’m really looking forward to this new adventure.

And, the fact that I got two month’s rent so far — a one month security deposit and rent for October — has really helped at a crucial juncture. Heck, these guys just paid for this month’s car repair bill. Thank goodness for life’s little balancing acts, eh?


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