High productivity

The day is not yet over, but I need a break from chores so I thought I’d write a bit. I slept really poorly last night (damn pseudophedrine really works for cold symptoms but takes forever to get out of my system), but was still up fairly early so I could tackle my To Do list.

I’ve been cruising through the weekends with plenty of down time, and I couldn’t keep doing that. If I want to get a housemate to help pay some of the mortgage I really need to get cracking on clearing all the stuff out of the second floor. But even that had to wait as I ran out to get supplies for a project that I just can’t put off any longer: reinforcing the chicken run.

I needed 1/2-inch hardware cloth and lots of it to complete the “inner ring” of security. I had a few things to return to Home Depot, as well as a few odds and ends to return to a local department store. The returns are important here as I’m trying not to incur a lot of costs for the next couple months until I get some of the excesses paid off without having to dip into savings. (Yes, I know that yesterday didn’t help, but I do have a solid plan to make sure those expenses are covered.) Luckily, all of the returns added up to about the same as I ended up spending at The Depot on hardware cloth. That stuff is expensive!

Before I left the house to run errands I watered the veggie garden, hooked up the soaker hoses to front and back, and vacuumed all the floors. This is important because I RIFed the cleaning lady today. I felt bad about it, but I need to conserve funds and that’s an easy way to put a good amount of money back into my budget. I figure if I do a little bit of cleaning throughout the week, it won’t be so bad. I lived for many years in an apartment not much smaller than the space I’m living in now and was able to keep it clean and tidy on my own. So, I should be OK.

After the errands I did a little work in the kitchen to prep some food. I set the bread machine to baking a loaf of honey wheat bread, and put one of the rabbits I got from Andrew and Misty into the slow cooker. I’m making up a Morrocan inspired recipe with chopped fresh tomatoes, onion, raisins, olives, cinnamon sticks, and a bit of orange juice. I hope this tastes good.

I’m glad I took the time to prep the food or I would be eating frozen pizza tonight. Attaching all that hardware cloth to the inside of the chicken run is no fun. The hardware cloth seems to want to fight you the whole time, and I’m sure I have scratches in several places from it. But the work is done! I really needed about 2 more feet of hardware cloth, but I was able to fill in the gaps with some strategically placed landscaping bricks. I also stapled the bird netting much tighter along the fence, making it more difficult for the sparrows to sneak in that way to steal food.

I’m tired and dirty, still sick, and sort of overwhelmed now, but I know I’ll settle down soon. The overwhelm is a feeling that I’m sure will pass soon. It’s just that there is so much to do to take care of this place and I’m on my own with the chores. There’s plenty of weeding to do, and I could certainly do some more housecleaning, but I won’t do that tonight. Instead I need to do a few things for work before I can clean up and relax. And it’s really sinking in that I need to make some changes to my lifestyle if I want to save money for things like travel.

Until I get a housemate, that is. I *really* want a good housemate. So that’s the next big project: finish prepping the upstairs and find a housemate. Not something that can be done overnight, but a worthy project to keep me busy as the garden winds down for fall.


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