Hen update

For those interested just in “chicken stuff” I’m posting separately about the aftermath of the “raccoon incident.” In short: so far, so good. We’ve had 2 nights go by since the incident and no problems have occurred.

Despite missing some tail feathers, Speedy seems to be doing well. I am now locking the hens up inside the Eglu run every night, even though it means physically relocating them each night from the top of the run where they’ve enjoyed roosting all summer long. I’d rather have my hens alive than just inconvenienced, and they will learn to go inside the run themselves in a few more nights time.

A very kind neighbor stopped by yesterday and asked me what had happened. He lives on the other side of the alley and heard the racket that night. He grew up in a country and time where keeping hens in your backyard was not odd, so he’s a supporter of “the cause.” At his request, I gave him my phone number so he can call me if ever hears the hens kicking up a fuss again.

I sleep on the opposite side of the house from the coop and have really well insulated windows. So unless they are open or the dogs (with their superior sense of hearing) alert me, I may not hear sounds of chicken distress right away. I’m glad to know he’ll call me if he hears anything amiss.

For the past 2 days I’ve not gotten any eggs, but a disruption of the laying cycle is to be expected. I check the nestbox per usual and have found a messy glop of egg-like matter in there both days. I’m hoping that real eggs start showing up soon since I’m running rather low right now and want to do some baking. However, I do understand that the ladies lived through a night of terror with death staring them in the face (literally), so it will take them a while to get back to normal.


One thought on “Hen update

  1. Glad Speedy’s doing well! This morning, my neighbor told me a raccoon has been up in our plum tree twice this week. Ai yi yi!

    I’m going to get a string of bells to hang on the Eglu and hope that if anything rattles it I will wake up in time to avert disaster. Maybe I should just move the outside birds in with the inside birds. Bet that would be exciting!


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