I know…two posts in two days! Outstanding!

Actually, this post was prompted by Erica.

Nearly full rain gauge

Nearly full rain gauge

I emptied this gauge yesterday afternoon and the storms rolled in overnight.

Yep, that is total rainfall within the past 12 hours.

Seems like most of the garden survived the hailstorm and it has stopped raining…for now.

Woman, you have no idea what you’re in for.


3 thoughts on “Deluged

  1. What a bright and bodacious rain gauge…I think I’m a little envious! : )

    Of course, reaching a point in monsoon season where one begins to covet rain gauges probably isn’t a good sign.


  2. I was just googling for some gardening related info and stumbled into your blog. It is an interesting read…esp your visit to Hyderabad since I live in Hyd…Will keep coming back for new posts…Keep writing


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