Sunday nights

It’s here again: the end of another weekend. I think Sunday nights are the worst for me. I start gearing up for my early start on Monday, and I typically feel like I didn’t accomplish something critical that I really wanted to get done over the weekend.

I also feel more lonely on Sunday nights than any other night. What with long work days and the typical evening routine to follow, week nights are fairly mundane and go by quickly. Friday nights and Saturday nights are for unwinding and relaxing. I may just spend those evenings kicking back at home on my own or with friends, or I may go out. Either way, they are the evenings for fun.

Then Sunday night rolls around. Although Sundays are typically considered the first day of the week, for me they seem like the last. As the daylight fades on Sunday, my final opportunity to finish up whatever thing it was I wanted to accomplish “this week” is fading with it. I’m often tired on Sunday nights and wanting to savor this last bit of freedom from work, but ironically I usually have to spend some time working Sunday night prepping for Monday.

And after spending a couple days with friends old and new, I find myself alone on Sunday night and feeling isolated.

Tonight, after 2 days of riding around quite a bit on my bike, I’m slightly sore as well as tired and lonely. I’m treating myself to a hot bath with a cup of fragrant herbal tea, and a good book. When the bath grows cold, I’m certain to be feeling drowsy and sated and ready for bed. Ready to take on another Monday.

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