Living and working

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been so busy with…well…life! This is a good thing!

It’s true that I’ve been working quite a bit, too. We’re quickly approaching our fiscal year end and I have a HUGE project that must be delivered on June 1. Needless to say, I know how I’ll be occupying my time the last weekend in May. 😉

But it hasn’t really been all work and no play. I’ve found time to go out and be with friends quite a bit and have learned some new things, too. For example:

  • Last Sunday I learned a new way to prep and cook a whole chicken that involves de-boning and stuffing it
  • For two weeks in a row, I spent Wednesday nights with Betsy at the Matchbox, chatting with “the regulars” and kicking back
  • Last Saturday night I connected up with some old friends I’ve known since I was a child
  • And, I’ve been fitting in stuff for the kitchen remodel, such as picking out a sink and faucet, light fixtures, and tile

It’s actually been pretty difficult to fit in personal care stuff like going to the gym and the grocery store or taking care of the yard. Which is why I’m home on a Friday night tonight catching up on my blog. I made a decision to NOT line up something to do tonight so I could get home early enough to mow the grass before it got dark, and then go to the gym.

Despite all the running around and intensity at work, I’m feeling quite good these days. I think I laugh more often and more spontaneously. I don’t feel so lonely anymore, either.

Maybe the fact that it’s spring and there is so much blooming around me is helping to lift my mood, too. I’m not sure. So, even though I have to fit in time to go out to Abt tomorrow to buy a new washer (definitely NOT a planned purchase, but when the 18-year old washing  machine breaks, you gotta bite the bullet and replace it), I’m not stressing very much at all.

Yep, life is good.


2 thoughts on “Living and working

  1. Maybe we’ll have to correspond with some whole chicken cooking tips. I have ordered 5 whole birds from a local farm, and since my entire stock of chicken recipes consists of how to prepare boneless, skinless breasts, I am going to need some assistance.


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