Back to normal?

Except for an occasional cough and bit of wheeziness, it appears that the bronchitis is finally gone, as is the pityriasis rosea. Fingers crossed!

I’ve been keeping away from the gym because of these two problems that make getting out of breath and really sweaty a bad idea. But now that they’re gone, well, unless I want to backslide into poor shape again getting back to the gym is important.

Last Wednesday I went to work out with the trainer. There was a mix up, though, and the trainer wasn’t yet back from his vacation. So I worked out for 30 minutes on the elliptical and then went back to work more at home.

While he’s been out of town, I was supposed to follow a plan my trainer carefully put together for me that invovled 30 minutes of cardio and then some toning stuff to do for upper body, lower body, and core (although not all in one session). Of course I haven’t done any of them because of the bronchitis and the rash.

Today I decided to follow one of the routines and dutifully went to the gym where I did my 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical then decided to just do the core routine. On the first attempt I made to use one piece of equipment [I can’t recall what this thing is called, but its just a support type thing where you do all sorts of core things like lower back, obliques, etc.] it was occupied, so I went to do some other core training stuff on the list. When I came back to the equipment, it was free so I started in on my routine.

This is where the real weirdness happened. [Folks who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will be glad to finally found out what I meant by that tweet about seeing weird stuff at the gym…I’m speaking to YOU Betsy. ;-)] I was on this whatchamacallit doing up-down-side-twist thingies (again, hard to explain, but a *really* good workout for the obliques, glutes, and outer thigh) when I notice about 3 guys standing in the corner about 10 feet away from me. One of them has his shorts pulled down and is in his tiny briefs showing himself to the two other guys.

I don’t know exactly what this guy was trying to show, but it involved a certain amount of gesticulating around his groin area. And it took them a good 5 minutes or so to finish this display. All the while, I’m doing my routine just a few feet away.

Once I had figured out what has going on there (“Yes your brain has intrepreted that correctly. There is a man standing in the gym in his undies with his shorts around his ankles.”) I kept my eyes averted and just tried to be sort of non-chalant. But WTF? What could he have possibly been showing these other 2 guys?

The “displayer” was quite buff, so I guess he was trying to give advice to the others about how to get good muscle definition in a certain area. But still, dude, take it to the locker room! 

Yeah, the guy was muscular and not unattractive, but this was a big turn off for me. Which was actually a good thing, ’cause I’ve been “running hot” the past few days and need a little cooling down so I can be more functional.

Maybe I’ve been reading too much Penelope Trunk these days, but I’m gonna just give fair warning that after all I’ve been through lately, I’m inclined to just write about all sorts of stuff that I never would have done in the past.

When I started blogging years ago, it was just to share my gardening and my knitting. Then I started writing about my chickens, too. So this has always been a pretty tame blog. But lately I’ve had a hard time resisting the urge to get much more explicit about stuff that occupies my mind.

I know some people have more than one blog so they can keep separate their thoughts about different subjects or aspects of their life, but I’m just not inclined do to that. It seems too much work to me.

So, fair warning to those who are more faint at heart: I’m giving myself free rein here from now on.


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