Good things and impermanence

Today is a day of good things so far!

First, I got to enjoy an evening out with Betsy last night at The Matchbox. We went straight from work and got the good seats near the front door where all the regulars congregate. About 3 hours and 3 margaritas later, we had to head out ’cause I was hungry and Betsy was at her limit as a driver. And even though I hadn’t been primped to go out last night and had no makeup on, I got asked for my phone number. I had to politely decline as the guy wasn’t really the type I want to date, but it was flattering nonetheless.

My original plans for last night (before Betsy called me up at the office and proposed an impromptu outing) were to do a bit of shopping. I had some stuff to return and wanted to check out the jeans at Old Navy. Annette had recommended a particular kind, and I really need to get some smaller jeans. Since I went out last night, though, I had to run the errands this AM instead.

I did not like the jeans at Old Navy, though. I don’t think they fit me very well and I didn’t want to buy something that I wasn’t liking very much. So, instead I drove a bit further to Kohls and hit the jackpot: Levi’s Curvy Boot Cut 529s.

These are the PERFECT jeans for me. I was able to find 2 pairs in my size in different washes: a dark wash and a medium wash. And they were on sale, too.

Not only did I find that Levi’s has *finally* paid attention to the fact that some of us women actually have curves and booties, but I found some Dockers cut this same way. (Actually, I think Dockers is owned by Levi’s so that would make sense.) I went a little overboard and bought a pair of full length Dockers chinos, a pair of capris, and a pair of shorts. All on sale, too. I had to do it because I’ll likely never find these things again, of course!

Then, as I was finally heading home, I took a route that brought me along the edge of the forest preserve. And what do I spot dotting the ground under the still naked trees? Ramps. Lots and lots of ramps, people!

Ramps are a perfect example of the fleeting delights of spring. Here one day, gone the next. So, even though I think I’m technically not supposed to do so, I’m going back out shortly with my long weeding tool to get a bunch of ramps. I’ll figure out a suitable recipe once I have them in hand.

The most recent chapter of When Things Fall Apart I’ve read covered impermanence and egolessness. I think finding the perfect jeans today and spotting ramps in the forest preserve are excellent examples of impermance: neither will be around for very long, and so I will enjoy them while I can.


One thought on “Good things and impermanence

  1. Amazingly enough, I too went to Kohl’s for jeans that same day you did, but bought some sort of Levi’s 550s, I think they were. I could not find the ones I’ve loved for so long, a straight-leg Levi 550, so had to get these other ones. I’m going to have to go back and try on the ones you got. And like you, I got some other stuff, too, because I was there and they fit! I hate shopping. I hate the time it takes, I hate seeing all the clothes stuffed all over the place and know that many of them are destined to end up in some landfill somewhere. There’s just so much darn waste. I try to be environmentally conscious and the thought of all the stuff in the world drives me crazy if I let it (even though I admit I do have too much stuff, probably, of my own). It’s Earth Day today, so maybe I’m obsessing a bit too much about the whole “stuff” thing. I’m trying to do my part, in whatever ways I can. I’m getting some helpful tips and hints from “The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget,” which has some great insights for going green with the heavy lifting or a heavy price tag. He’s even got a listing of the 50 best green products. Good reading for Earth Day!

    BTW, love your picture of the Bean.


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