Am I moving forward here or going backwards? For a few days there I thought my health was improved, but over the past week that has not proven to be a permanent condition.

I worked out 2 days last week and 2 days the previous week, after taking off nearly 3 weeks from my typical routine. I didn’t do the one hour cardio sessions I had been doing, and instead narrowed those down to 30-minute sessions on my solitary days and just strength training sessions while working with the trainer.

Still, I found myself dragging quite a bit after the work outs. I was very tired, and during cardio I sometimes experienced some pain in my right lung. Then, last Friday as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that the dreaded rash (Pityriasis rosea) was back again. I guess this means it never really went away 100%, as it’s supposed to be the sort of thing that doesn’t recur.

Now I have two things to deal with that make it nearly impossible to keep up my stress-relieving and health-building exercise regime. *sigh* Plus I’m so darn tired most of the time.

I seriously think I may have something like walking pneumonia considering that I’m still coughing (mostly in the mornings and evenings), still have swollen lymph glands in my throat that have me popping ibruprofen every 4-6 hours or so, and besides the nearly inescapable fatigue my lungs are starting to hurt more on a daily basis. Guess it’s time to back to the doctor, although I don’t that there’s much to be done here other than rest and try to destress as much as possible.

The pace at work has not been helping. We are under incredible pressure to get a lot done over the next 6 weeks, and I’m in charge of keeping about 10 people motivated and all pulling together to get things done, as well as put together plans and designs myself. Hard to do when I find myself feeling the need for a nap every afternoon.

I did get some good news this weekend and had some fun stuff going on. The contractors came through on Friday (3 of ’em!), plus a cabinetmaker who was going to see if he could adapt the solid wood, custom cabinets in my 1950s kitchen to accept modern updates like a dishwasher and a slide in range. I hope to get some better news on the bids now that they’ve seen the place. I know at least one of them mentioned he had quoted so high thinking he was going to have redo the electrical panel in the house, and when he saw that it was OK as is, he thought it would make a big difference.

Jamie, Rachael, and Valerie all came over for dinner Friday night and we had  a great time knitting and talking. Then on Saturday night I went over to Rachael’s to hang with her and Jamie, each some pie (the last of Rachael’s pie of the month club winnings), and (finally!) watch Changeling, a movie I’ve left sitting around in it’s Netflix envelope for weeks now.

I baked a rhubarb cake on Saturday during the day to take to my mom’s for Easter Sunday dinner, and did my grocery shopping. In an attempt to get *some* exercise while not irritating the rash too much, I took the dogs out for a walk and threw in a few minutes of jogging here and there.

We walked through the Forest Glen neighborhood and while the day was colder than normal, it was very sunny and dry. I think the dogs enjoyed the exercise and I was happy to find out that the guy in Forest Glen who originally advised me on where to get chicken feed still does have chickens;  they’re just not left to roam all the time like in the past, which is why I thought he had gotten rid of them. He has what looks like 2 Buff Orpingtons in a pretty cool homemade coop bordering the alley. A local kid saw me looking at them and told me that the hen was sitting on baby chicks. I love that! Too bad the guy wasn’t around so I could talk to him.

Easter Sunday in the morning I made a blueberry crisp to bring along, since mom doesn’t care much for rhubarb. I drove down to mom’s place with Annette and the niece and nephew, so it wasn’t a solitary ride. Dinner was great, the rhubarb cake was a big hit (even mom tried a piece and seemed to like it), and I got to visit with her flock of Rhode Island Red hens. It’s quite obvious their RI Red rooster is keeping his flock of ladies busy, as many of them have bald patches on their backs.

Despite having what may sound like a light weekend I was exhausted every night and today found myself having to take a long afternoon nap just to get enough energy to finish my work day.

Today is another cold day, with the addition of grey skys and rain. I actually am not complaining about the rain since we needed it and I was getting tired of watering the pea bed so often. I did manage to make a pot of soup tonight, and it’s a perfect night to enjoy that soup, a hot cup of tea, and then get into bed early with a book.

Such is life these days.

One thought on “Retrograde

  1. Hey, get that cough checked out. One of my supervisors has similar symptoms and we’re waiting for her chest xrays to come back (where did she go that it takes 4 days for xray results? holy cow) to confirm pneumonia. anyway, take care of yourself and enjoy your hot new jeans!


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