Weirdness abounds

Well, it’s been a strange day for me. First, I finally caved in and went to visit a doctor. This is my second trip to the local immediate care facility in about 2 weeks. The intake nurse noted that I looked familiar, and all I had to say is “I was the one with the mystery rash,” for her to accurately place me.

The final diagnosis: bronchitis. The doctor said this has been going around, so I suppose it was a bit silly of me to ask if I was contagious. In so many words, the answer was “yes.”

This is bad in many ways. First, I was amongst about 40 people yesterday as I delivered a workshop on Basic Backyard Chicken Care. If anyone at the workshop gets this bronchitis, well, I’m heartily sorry. I really thought all I had was your basic run-of-the-mill cold.

I really enjoyed meeting all of these people who are truly interested in keeping their own chickens. And, to top it off I reconnected with an acquaintence from my Master Gardener days who I’m very happy to stay in touch with. I’m sure it would have sounded odd to a non-gardening type person when I said to her, “You were the one who gave me worms!” Meaning she gave me my first vermicomposting worms, of course.

I’ve got anitbiotics and a strong cough syrup with codeine now and am being patient with myself. Mother Nature is teasing me mightily, though. This has been an absolutely glorious weeked with temps in the high 50s and bright sun beckoning me out to the yard.

I had to go out for a bit to clean the chicken coop and pick up after the dogs, but that was it. I so wanted to be turning over my raised beds and planting my peas today, but I have to give myself time to rest. And quite honestly, I am rather knackered.

But what was most strange for me today was that Mark (my ex-husband) came to the house for a visit. We had to exchange some mail and he wanted to visit the dogs, so despite the fact that I warned him I had contagious bronchitis he came over. We talked about quite a few things, including how we were coping and feeling about the whole divorce thing. Seems we’re both doing fine, although we noted that sitting by ourselves in the evening is sort of lonely.

That was somewhat odd for me: to hold a calm, genuinely honest conversation with my ex so soon. Mark casually mentioned that he was “set up” with a divorced woman and has met her a few times. I don’t feel upset that he’s dating, I guess I’m just sort of surprised that he’s jumped into it so soon.

My friends tell me that I should start thinking of dating, too, but frankly I don’t have much appetite for it now. I have a pretty good social network of friends and acquaintences (fellow knitters, gardeners, and chicken people, for example) and can always be doing something with them. Other than a more…um…basic biological urge that I get here and there, I have no desire to start the whole dating/mating game at this point.

As Mark and I talked, this reasoning asserted itself in our conversation, too. He acknowledged that he really has little to no network of friends, unlike me, which is one reason why he had been so open to going out on a date.

So, here I sit during what seems an excruciatingly long day as all I’ve pretty much done is sit on the couch, while most Chicagoans were out playing in the fine spring weather.

But ultimately, I’m doing OK. I’m cutting myself some slack to get well, and this illness has prompted me to do some thinking over the past few days about the rather ambitious plans I’ve set for myself this year: getting divorced, remodeling my kitchen, and traveling to Iceland for a horse riding expedition that involves quite a bit of pre-training. And I’ve decided to let the Iceland trip go.

I’m always pushing myself so hard, and I think I need to be a bit more easy on myself this year. If I’m meant to go to Iceland, I can go next year perhaps. I’m not certain if I will give up my riding lessons or not at this point, but I don’t have to decide that right now.

Right now, all I need to do is get well and get through the weirdness that is daily life.


2 thoughts on “Weirdness abounds

  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Sorry you have to put your garden on hold. My daughter’s garden at the culinary school made the local “Edible Austin” magazine. She is so into this and I get to reap the rewards – fresh radishes this week. Just wanted to make a quick comment about “dating” so soon after a divorce. Not a good idea – you need to time to heal. Relationships take a lot of work and right now you need to work on you! Don’t want to sound like your “mother” — so glad you have lots of friends to lean on — that is a healthy thing to do. Take care of yourself!


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