Well, I made it out of cold Chicago and down to the warm Caribbean. Not even the crappy rash could hold me back.

I did get in to see a dermatologist on Monday and found out that I have something called pityriasis rosea. Apparently there is no well-understood cause for this condition, but it’s not contagious. It’s just ugly. The doctor gave me some cream and took a biopsy just to confirm the diagnosis. She also told me to go on my vacation and have fun. No problems with swimming or anything, just go.

So here I am. My rash is actually much better already, but I’ve been doing a bit of sun therapy on it. According to some of the sources, UVB exposure is often used as a treatment, so I’ve been sunning a bit on the patio where I’m staying and exposing it to sunlight. Hey, I need the Vitamin D, anyway, right?

The weather is just perfect here: not too hot during the day and not too cool at night. It’s been in the mid to upper 70’s during the day and then drops to the mid 60s at night. I’m enjoying spending time with an old friend and just chilling. Here I’ve given myself permission to let go of my typical Type A tendencies and it’s working out wonderfully.

Seeing green, growing things and smelling the fresh, salty ocean air is also doing wonders for my mood. As I walked through the neighborhood to a nearby Starbucks this morning, I actually saw a hummingbird busy amongst the flowering shrubs.

Ah, vacation is so sweet…

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