Gimme a break!

I’m dealing with an embarrassing and downright annoying situation right now. I have a rash.

I have no idea what kind of rash this is and why it has stubbornly taken up residence on my torso and not budged. I first noticed it Wednesday after taking off my workout clothes. I thought it was just a heat rash or something due to perspiring so much as I worked out, but it has not gone away like a heat rash would.

I actually went to an immediate care physician today to get this checked out. She declined to take a guess at it and said she would push hard to get me in to see the dermatologist who practices just upstairs in the professional building. So, I have to wait at least another day to get some sort of diagnosis here and continue to deal with this as best I can. My way of dealing with it includes colloidal oatmeal baths, non-talc baby powder, and very light clothing.

Now recall that I am supposed to go out of town on Wednesday to the warm and sunny Caribbean? Yeah, think of how lovely that will be: walking along a beach in my bathing suit looking like a smallpox victim.

What have I done to deserve this negative karma? Is there any way a miracle can be worked and I can in to see the dermatologist tomorrow, she waves a magic wand, and my rash disappears?

OK, I’m off to take another oatmeal bath. *sigh*


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