Well, I moved back into my house yesterday and it’s been a whirlwhind weekend of home activity. I’m happy. I’m sad. And I move between each of these emotions very quickly it seems. Unless I follow my usual practice and just keep incredibly busy.

I arrived at the house early yesterday morning and had a fairly pleasant time helping Mark with last minute stuff until the movers arrived. One of Mark’s friends came to drive him to his new place and to transport the sensitive stuff, like Mark’s computer.

When all was loaded up, we had a fairly emotional parting with both of us crying and hugging each other. I will miss him, and I think he will miss me. But once he left, I moved full swing into doing stuff so I didn’t have to think about that.

This house has 3 habitable levels: a finished basement with a full bathroom; the main floor with two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and the usual stuff on a main level (living room, dining room, and kitchen); and a second floor with 2 more bedrooms, a full bathroom and lots of storage space.

Yes, it’s a huge house for one person. It was really big for 2 people, but for one it is really overkill. I’ve thought of getting a roommate, but there are some renovations needed and it would be very hard to do them if I had a roommate at the time. So for now, it’s just me and I want to minimize my utility bills, so I decided to close off the second floor and live on the first.

That means moving all of my clothing, toiletries, accessories, and other stuff I need every day down to the first floor. Jamie came over to help me move the (one remaining to me) dresser down to the larger bedroom on the first floor so my undies and such could be in the same room I sleep in. Very handy, that.

However, we spent most of our time re-working the living room and dining room. Mark didn’t take much furniture from these areas, but the living room desperately needed a change to be more cozy and functional. I really love the new look, and at this point it only lacks a few touches that will have to be filled in over time. I’ve spent enough money in the past week between the settlement, re-financing close, and income taxes (of course we owed this year…damn!).

Last night I turned the heat down to 50F upstairs and closed it off. Today I went up to move key work clothes down to my bedroom closet, and could definitely tell the different in temps upstairs.

I also set up the second, smaller bedroom down here to work as my home office. And here I ran into my big upset for the day. As I was moving stuff from my existing office upstairs to the new office downstairs I realized that my digital camera was missing. Gone.

The only logical explanation is that one of the movers took the camera. It was sitting on my desk in plain sight (stupid me…hadn’t thought of putting it away somewhere) and the movers were upstairs quite a bit moving Mark’s stuff.

I really hate to be accusatory without solid evidence, but I have looked everywhere and cannot find my camera. It’s not Mark’s style to take something like that. Either way, I find this very upsetting. That camera was only about 2 years old and was a high quality Canon. It’s my only camera and I count on being able to take photos of all sorts of things for personal records, blogging, and other activities. When I looked it up on tonight I saw it listed for nearly $700 (which I know I didn’t pay at the time, but I assume is so high because of limited availability since it’s an out of date model), but a comparable model is nearly $300.

As noted earlier, I’ve spent quite  bit of money in the past week and I just can’t stomach spending more to replace a camera that someone stole from my own home. This was my final breaking point tonight, so I’ve had to take a hot bath, sip a glass a wine, and just try to let it go.


2 thoughts on “Settling

  1. Linny, movers are often bonded and insured and so it couldn’t hurt to report the missing camera to the moving company, could it? I encourage you to do that before it eats at you too much. At least that way you’ll be in activist, problem-solving mode, even if ultimately nothing comes of it. But at least you’ll know you tried!


  2. Yes, it was reported to the moving company which is “starting an investigation.” They also recommended I file a police report. However, I don’t see how that will get me my camera back or get me reimbursed. A police report is useful if I was going to claim it on my insurance, but the value is less than my deductible. 😦


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