Checking ’em off

Hooray! Next Monday, February 23 is my big day in court. Yep, I will be officially divorced that morning.

It does make me a bit sad to think about it so I lined up some moral support for that time. My sister will be there with me and then I will take the rest of the day off. Perhaps I will just hang out downtown: have tea and a scrumptious croissant at Argo (they have the *best* croissants in town); browse at Border’s and use up the holiday gift card I got from A; or rush to the nearest open bar and guzzle down a big martini. (Just kidding!!)

Actually, I’m hoping that I can arrange to do the house refinancing the same day. After all, I’ll have the afternoon free so why not get all my business done in one day? I received a signed copy of the MSA today, which is the only thing I’ve needed to complete the refinancing. Once the divorce is final, I can also attend to other business type stuff, too, like open a new bank account.

It’s not here yet, but it is such a relief to have a date set now. Hallelujah!