A dozen down

This is my twelfth night in exile. Not much to say other than I am getting used to it. I still miss my dogs and my chickens.

It appears that I *may* be able to move back in as of March 1. Mark emailed me today that he met with this lawyer this afternoon and is now “seeking an apartment in earnest” for a March 1 move. I’ll believe it when it happens. I no longer get excited and hopeful about anything related to the divorce proceedings. I’ve been let down too many times by expectations I’ve allowed myself.

I still don’t feel like I can start crossing days off the calender yet. I still think this sucks.

On the plus side, I have better focus now at work with the klonopin. And my diligent exercising is paying off, as it seems that I’ve lost another 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks.