Hanging in there

Wow. It is C-O-L-D outside. I didn’t put on quite as many layers as Adrienne while commuting this morning, but I was OK. When the weather gets like this, I pull out my sheepskin hat (the one with the earflaps) and mittens, and put on my thermals under my work clothes.

I also wear my Lands’ End Commuter Coat which I *highly* recommend to anyone who has to spend any amount of time outdoors. When I wore it in Manhattan last winter during a work trip that coincided with bitter cold (unusually there were very few people in Times Square that night) one person commented on my “sleeping bag…Oh, I mean coat.” But I was toasty as I headed outside to walk back to my hotel while the jokester shivered on the way to hers.

When I woke up this morning, the thermometer outside my window said it was -9F. When the weather report came on the radio, they said the windchill was -25F. The day didn’t get much better, either. We got up to a high of -1F, and tonight’s temps will be down to -14 (not counting wind chill). It hopefully will get up to a high of 7 tomorrow. Yikes!

I gave the chickens their warm mash this morning, but they didn’t get their afternoon scratch. I had to go downtown today to work in the office and visit the dentist so I wasn’t home before dark. They seemed OK when I closed up the coop tonight, although there were 0 eggs today. I guess I don’t blame them.

I’m hoping this is our last arctic blast of the year. We had bitter cold in December already. Typically, we get maybe one or two weeks like this each winter, but no more than that. Let this be the end. Please?


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